DNAV Showcasing at NAB Show 2023

  • 27 March, 2023


DNAV’s end-to-end radio demo will cross three booths using redundant connections and SAS Global Connect software,
with a separate Dante-enabled studio routing and control demo.

USA: DNAV, a full-service consultation firm, systems integrator and representative firm, will guide NAB Show 2023 visitors through a multi-booth journey of interoperable radio workflows and technologies across two halls - with a few interesting surprises along the way, including processing and control of a live AM broadcast.

DNAV’s end-to-end radio broadcast and production demo will take attendees across three booths in the West Hall, while visitors to the Audinate booth in Central Hall will see DNAV’s Dante-enabled studio routing and control experience in action. The West Hall demo will illustrate DNAV’s mission to supply broadcast customers with advanced technological solutions from origination to transmission that ensure uptime and exceptional quality. The latter will showcase DNAVs creative technical design and integration capacities for modern radio studios with advanced digital audio networking capabilities.

“DNAV comes to NAB Show 2023 with a clear message: From the originating audio source, across local and wide area networks and into the sky, we are the firm to creatively and intelligently advance every phase of the production and air chain,” says Daniel Hyatt, Principal, DNAV. “We are thrilled to work with our manufacturer partners and the global leader in digital audio networking at NAB this year to provide a glimpse into the future of radio, and show broadcasters how to leverage technology for new business opportunities and revenue streams.”

West Hall End-to-End Radio Demo
DNAV’s complete end-to-end radio demonstration will leverage the latest in broadcast audio advancements to simulate the air chain. DNAV’s technical architecture will enable the demo via a robust assembly of point-to-point systems, including bonded cellular and microwave connections to move audio and data from one place to the next. DNAV will also establish a redundant ring that will demonstrate how broadcasters can establish multiple signal paths, and simulate how backup connections take over upon disabling primary links.

At the heart of the demo is SAS Global Connect Software, which makes its public debut at NAB. SAS Global Connect takes Audio over IP innovation to the next level with a complete command and control structure for SAS and third-party broadcast devices living on local and wide-area networks. It acts as a software-based NOC for broadcasters to centrally manage entire network operations and can interface with all components in a broadcast infrastructure from microphones to antennas.

For the demo, audio will originate in the Sierra Automated Systems (SAS) booth (W3315) with a SAS Stratos Smartcast AoIP console taking in microphone feeds from Electro-Voice, Shure and other microphones. Automation via PlayoutONE will work in conjunction with SAS Global Connect in its cloud-based software structure to seamlessly connect audio over microwave and bonded cellular to the Orban Labs booth (W2543) for audio processing. At Orban, the signals will be processed for live streams and on-air AM/FM broadcasts using the Orban XPN-AM and OPTIMOD 5950 audio processors and OPTIMOD PC-n 1600 audio processing software.

“The Orban XPN-AM provides high modulation density for AM signals, which lowers the noise floor and improves signal quality,” said Hyatt. “That provides the widest dynamic range available for AM radio to date, renewing the AM signal and improving audio quality in areas where it was diminished in the past.”

DNAV and Orban will present a continuous live audio demo running with the XPN-AM controlled from NAB and operating in New York City. “Visitors will hear the audio on both the old audio processor that was in place streaming back live from that transmitter site via a dummy load, and compare that to the live over-the-air audio with real-time adjustments made from NAB,” added Hyatt. “That same audio will be heard over the air on a 50 kW AM station in New York City.”

The demo will conclude at American Amplifier Technologies, a manufacturer of radio and TV transmitters, antennas, feed line, and associated RF components, at Booth W3758. There, DNAV will showcase the reception of the microwave and bonded cellular connected links by to an American Amplifier Technologies transmitter and antenna system, all of which communicate with SAS Global Connect. The audience can see all command-and-control parameters for those transmitters, and learn how SAS Global Connect can be used to control and monitor the same transmitters from anywhere in the world.

DNAV is the official North American manufacturer’s representative for SAS, Orban,
and American Amplifier Technologies.

DNAV Dante Mini Studio 
DNAV’s presence in the Audinate booth (C5725) encapsulates a turnkey micro studio that shows the control capabilities of SAS Global Connect within the Dante environment. This micro studio highlights DNAV solutions’ vast usability among users and seamless interoperability between broadcast solutions offered by DNAV and other Dante-enabled hardware manufacturers in broadcast, live performance, theater, TV, and radio. And while this is foremost a standalone demonstration, DNAV intends to show the power of its local area networking experience to Dante fans.

“We will certainly establish a software tie-in with SAS that can allow multiple signal route changes and various audio delivery points between the West and Central Halls,” concluded Hyatt, noting that it will exist outside of the West Hall ring. “Everything we do at NAB this year will be connected in some manner.”


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DNAV Showcasing at NAB Show 2023