Ditch the Printed Script with Datavideo Teleprompters

  • 15 March, 2021


NED/USA: Datavideo is well known for their budget friendly line of teleprompters in various different shapes and sizes. For each camera type they manufacture a teleprompter. The central part of the teleprompter is an app running on a tablet called dvPrompter Plus. All teleprompters from Datavideo can be controlled using an optional wireless remote controller and can be stored in optional hard cases.

Datavideo’s TP-300 is the most sold teleprompter. This will fit any regular camcorder or slightly larger block camera. The ingeniously constructed prompter is easy to assemble and to install. With various riser plates you will make sure that the lens is directly in the center of the two-way mirror. This mirror reflects the script that is running (mirrored) on the tablet. This way you can easily read the script and the cues that the director put in. 

Datavideo also manufactures the TP-500, a smaller version that is meant to be used on DSLR cameras or slightly smaller camcorders. The TP-500 is compact and lightweight and can be combined with a standard rig so you can be mobile while recording. The TP-650 is the biggest prompter which can house an ENG type camera. This prompter also features a bigger mirror and tablet holder so you can fit an iPad Pro 12” for instance.

dvPrompter Plus is a brand new teleprompter app that runs on either iPad or Android tablets. This app is a breeze to use with a brand-new home screen which shows your scripts organized and clearly labeled. The base app is still free, delivering you easy script prompting with a rich text editor. The extra options are available as a one-time $9,99 in-app-purchase and give you access to remote access options such as real time control and editing from a web browser. The built-in rich text editor is completely renewed and gives you the possibility of changing the color or the font of the text, or embed pictures in your script. This makes the app perfect for when you are presenting with multiple talents or when you want to implement visual cues for gestures.

Using the premium version of the app you can also mirror the running script to multiple tablets or browsers at the same time. This app requires a recent tablet running iOS 11 or higher, or equivalent Android version. 

dvPrompter Plus can be controlled with an external Bluetooth remote as well, WR-500. This small controller can be completely customized by the end user and can be used to control speed, skip cue markers, skip to other scripts and many more.

Each teleprompter can be housed in an optional hard case. These cases are a precise fit in which you can drop in the foam internals of the gift box. This way the teleprompter is completely protected for when you are on the road.

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Ditch the Printed Script with Datavideo Teleprompters