Dielectric Expands CALA Presence with New Argentinian Channel Partner

  • 16 November, 2023


Mach Electronics will work with Dielectric to expand visibility and market share throughout the country,
with an eye toward addressing current and future TV and FM initiatives.

USA: Dielectric continues to build out its CALA channel market as the company capitalizes on emerging business opportunities throughout the region, partially fueled by complex digital transition timelines and regulations that vary across each country. The over-the-air RF pioneer has now appointed Mach Electronics to address these and other challenges for TV and radio broadcasters throughout Argentina.

Mach Electronics is a leading supplier and integrator for broadcast, broadband and telecom systems throughout Argentina, with a large network of distribution partners to cover the expansive country.
In broadcast, Mach Electronics specializes in the design, integration and commissioning of complete headend and delivery systems for over-the-air TV and FM content.

The Dielectric partnership adds a premium global brand to Mach Electronics’ RF portfolio,
strengthening its value proposition as a full-service provider with reliable broadcast solutions.
That includes a comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales technical support strategy, including
the use of field measurement tools to optimize performance of installed RF systems.

Nicolas Jose Bloise, President and CEO for Mach Electronics, says that the Dielectric partnership
has been established at a time of substantial change and opportunity for Argentinian broadcasters.
That includes the impending analog TV sunset and a potential extension of the crowded FM band,
similar to the Brazilian initiative that began several years ago.

“The analog blackout, which was recently postponed until June 2025, will drive the future of broadcasting in Argentina,” said Juan Carlos Ruiz, Sales Executive for Mach Electronics. “Broadcasters are now working through their plans to minimize disruption to services as they prepare to shut off analog service and transition to ISDB-Tb digital services. A lot of these TV systems will be low-power, and Dielectric’s Powerlite family of antenna systems will help us strategically plan and efficiently deploy complex
ISDB-Tb delivery systems that can include many low-power transmission points.”

On the FM side, Nicolas Jose Bloise notes that Argentina is ripe for an FM band expansion.
The Mach Electronics team has experience to lean on, given its work in Brazil helping customers transition from AM to FM frequencies. Discussions about potential government regulations to expand the FM band to include 76 to 88 MHz frequencies are currently underway.

“While nothing is official yet, we see encouraging signs that such regulations will pass,” he said. “There is also an opportunity to upgrade very old FM infrastructure for broadcasters that will continue to operate in the current FM band. In both cases, there is exceptional opportunity for Dielectric and Mach Electronics
to develop new business together.”

Daniel Bizet, Dielectric’s International Business Manager, was previously familiar with Mach Electronics having worked extensively throughout the CALA region, where Mach Electronics also has a presence in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. He believes that the company’s extensive reach and strong technical expertise will quickly strengthen Dielectric’s brand recognition and visibility throughout Argentina.

“Argentina is a very large country with unique business challenges that Mach Electronics understands how to properly navigate,” said Bizet. “Their field service team is impressive, and when it comes to RF systems they understand how to plan broadcast networks and antenna coverage patterns that reach the widest audiences possible. They also understand the very sensitive nature of RF performance, from monitoring transmission lines to measuring reflected power levels - and making adjustments throughout the RF chain that optimize over-the-air delivery. We look forward to their contributions and will work closely with them
as a partner to ensure success.”


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Dielectric Expands CALA Presence with New Argentinian Channel Partner