DIAGNAL and Celestial Tiger Entertainment partner

  • 05 December, 2023


UK: DIAGNAL announces a technology partnership with Celestial Tiger Entertainment (CTE) for the development and launch of CTE’s new Chinese movies streaming service.

Targeting Asian audiences, the service will offer an exciting selection of Chinese movies, including exclusive and never-seen-before content, as well as original productions. It will be accessible across
a wide range of mobile devices, web browsers and TV platforms, targeting for launch in Q2 2024.

CTE is the leading provider and distributor of Asian entertainment content, and operates branded pay TV channels and digital services in Asia. With its many years of experience and expertise in the Chinese movies space, CTE is expanding its presence into the streaming world with this new service to address
the demand for movies and cinematic experiences in the region.

Ofanny Choi, CEO of Celestial Tiger Entertainment, shared: “Our goal is to deliver an exclusive, never-seen-before and comprehensive selection of Chinese movies to Asian consumers through personalised and user-friendly digital experiences. With DIAGNAL’s strong track record and expertise in the digital space,
we are confident that our partnership will deliver engaging and compelling experiences to our subscribers.”

As CTE’s technology partner, DIAGNAL will build and design a modular and scalable platform with key features such as content and app management, personalised recommendations, data and analytics, apps for multiple device platforms, as well as user authentication, payment and billing integration. As part of the project, DIAGNAL will also manage integration with third party applications to ensure that the service can be deployed seamlessly and efficiently.

"We are pleased to add Celestial Tiger Entertainment to our list of Asian customers and look forward to shaping the future of Chinese entertainment experiences together,” said Reuben Verghese, CEO of DIAGNAL. “By leveraging our expertise in the media technology industry, DIAGNAL is committed to delivering a cutting-edge digital platform that will support CTE’s vision and business goals.
This collaboration exemplifies our mission to create awesome experiences for our customers
and support their business growth."


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DIAGNAL and Celestial Tiger Entertainment partner