Deltatre unveils new end-to-end OTT platform

  • 18 October, 2022


Allows new entrants to benefit from the expertise behind some of the world’s biggest sport and entertainment streaming services including NFL, MLB and Discovery.

UK: Deltatre, one of the world's leading sports and entertainment technology providers, has announced the launch of a new turnkey end-to-end video and application platform that will allow new entrants to the OTT sector to go live with market-ready video streaming services within 90 days.

Deltatre has distilled a combination of its award-winning products and expertise behind some of the world’s biggest sports and entertainment platforms to offer a complete out-of-the-box solution, opening its offering to a host of new OTT players.  

The new easy-to-use and intuitive platform gives both existing streaming services seeking to enhance their current offering, and new market entrants looking to monetize content, a toolkit of templates and ready-to-launch features that can be branded to suit their needs.

Quick launch capabilities enable clients to build an OTT platform supporting a range of unique devices and revenue models in under 12 weeks, meaning clients can increase reach and generate revenue while testing their solution in the market.

Through the platform, which can support AVOD and SVOD business models, clients have access to Deltatre’s best-in-class publishing platform and powerful data analytics tools. This allows them to use a combination of metrics, including number of hours watched, video quality, user device and location, and popular content to guide the evolution of the platform for their customer base.

Deltatre can then support clients with growth plans and adapt the platform, adding new features and tailoring the solution to meet customer needs informed by collected data.

In addition to Deltatre’s proprietary tools, the platform encompasses a range of selected partner products and services to offer a one-stop-shop solution. Working with top-tier partners across the OTT ecosystem, the new platform can deliver best-in-class performance with guaranteed compatibility between components to provide a smooth-running service from launch.  

Gilles Mas, President Video Experiences at Deltatre: “Our latest innovation marks a new era in Deltatre. We are distilling the key components of our award-winning solutions and hard-won expertise to deliver a platform that breaks down barriers to entry for the OTT market. Where there is content there is opportunity. We aim to enable a broader range of customers to capitalize on that opportunity and monetize it without needing to onboard a significant technical team to support the revenue stream.”

Andrea Marini, CEO at Deltatre: “The development of the new platform was a hugely exciting proposition when looking at the company's growth. We firmly believe that there is a large market of specialist, regional and niche content players that technology vendors have traditionally underserved, and we look forward to working with new customers to both deliver streaming services and accelerate growth.”

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Deltatre unveils new end-to-end OTT platform