De Telegraaf boosts productivity with EditShare

  • 06 December, 2022


USA: EditShare®, the technology leader that enables storytellers to create and manage collaborative media workflows, has provided a content storage platform to De Telegraaf, the largest daily newspaper in the Netherlands, and part of Mediahuis Nederland BV. The new system provides journalist-driven editing for the paper’s online video services.

De Telegraaf were keen to move to a system built around Adobe® Premiere® Pro for editing and graphics. Local systems integration company, Fofic Media Solutions, which had provided much of the existing camera systems at De Telegraaf, suggested that investing in an EditShare platform would provide significantly lower lifecycle costs, and could also provide the Adobe support they required.

“Support for Adobe editing was very important to us because that is the preferred software our video journalists and editors like to use and they can do so easily on their laptops, even remotely,” said
Patrick Knopjes, Operations Manager Video of Mediahuis. “When they saw the possibilities with the EditShare system and how it integrates with Adobe, they knew immediately it was what they needed.”

The new system at De Telegraaf is built on an EFS300 storage node with 96TB capacity, together with an ARK LTO-8 tape drive and autoloader for archiving. I/O is an RTMP stream, using VBOX connectivity. The included FLOW asset management software provides all the automated workflows, including the ability to track content so that if material has not been used for a specific period, the media manager gets an automated email prompt to move it to the archive.

“Working with EditShare, we were able to demonstrate that not only was the new in-house system superior in functionality, it was so reliable and easy to use that the video staff at De Telegraaf would not need continuing support,” said Frank van den Nieuwenhuizen, Account Manager at Fofic Media Solutions.
“We showed them that, using FLOW, both the workflows and archiving were all fully automated, allowing the video staff to concentrate on their stories. The editors loved working with Adobe, the management loved the secure automation, and the financial team saw the cost benefits of having everything in-house.”

Said Bacho, Chief Revenue Officer at EditShare, added: “Asset and workflow management requirements come in all shapes and sizes. This was a very specific set of requirements, for a video production arm in a busy news operation. We could show straight away how we could deliver precisely what De Telegraaf wanted to achieve, in a completely intuitive and cost-efficient system and in a very fast turnaround - less than 3 months from initial requirements review to on-air.”

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De Telegraaf boosts productivity with EditShare