Datavideo introduces new Innovations

  • 19 January, 2022


NED/USA: 4K video applications have become more and more popular. To fulfil the pursuits of high-quality images of professional video producers, Datavideo has introduced the brand new 4K PTZ camera, PTC-300. Next to the new camera, a brand new audio delay unit; AD-300 is also launched. This professional audio delay unit helps you adjusting lip sync whilst also delivering a microphone input and certain useful filters.

The Datavideo PTC-300 4K PTZ camera applies the 1 / 1.8-inch CMOS sensor with 3840 x 2160px Ultra HD resolution and a frame rate of 60fps. Compare to the other Full HD camera, the PTC-300 features a larger sensor and better image quality. With 20x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom, a wide F1.8 aperture, and advanced 2D/3D noise reduction, Datavideo PTC-300 can provide clear and vivid images for the videographers even in low-light condition.

The PTC-300 4K PTZ camera supports H.264/H.265 video compression formats and has a built-in dual streaming encoder, easy to stream directly to two different CDN platforms and Datavideo dvCloud as well and one of the encoded streaming signal can be configured for live 4K signal. The camera can be configurable preset positions by using Datavideo RMC-300A, RMC-180 controllers, and the ShowCast 100, the 4K Touch Screen Switcher which will be available shortly.

Additionally, Datavideo has also developed a camera control app, PTZ View Assist, to control Datavideo PTZ cameras. The App not only controls the PTZ camera's set up parameters, such as white balance, iris, pan, tilt, and zoom but also easily monitors the live streaming video promptly in one application. 

The AD-300 has a comprehensive 5-channel input and 2-channel output and can perform audio delay, mixing, equalizer, effect, and filtering on the input audio sources. The audio delay range is up to 3000 ms, and each input can be adjusted individually to achieve professional-grade sound and video precision synchronization. The equalizer is divided into eight frequency ranges from 125Hz to 16K Hz, each adjustable by ± 10 dB, to create the audio effects you want.

On the 2" LCD screen OSD on the front of the AD-300, you can operate the full range of audio processing functions (Effect), including Compressor/Limiter to adjust the rise and fall of the track and can achieve a 100:1 compression ratio (Ratio). The Expander/Gate allows for more distinct volume changes for either instrumental music or vocals, and the maximum selectable ratio is also 100:1. The AD-300 has built-in balanced or unbalanced audio conversion to ensure that the audio output matches the desired format.

The AD-300 also has a switch button for switching between microphone input and Line input and supports XLR microphone input with +48V phantom power. This robust set of features is designed in a compact body ideal for stand-alone use or integration into your rack-mount workstation.

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Datavideo introduces new Innovations