Datavideo Introduces Easy-To-Use Professional Chromakeyer Bundle

  • 15 February, 2021


NED/USA: Datavideo has introduced their latest UltraHD live chromakeyer, the DVK-400. This professional chromakeyer is very easy to use, contains many broadcast specific features such as a holdout mask and post processing of the keyed result and supports control over the Datavideo Touch Screen Interface. DVK-400 features industry standard connections such as up to 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 and will fit in every workflow. 

Datavideo’s latest marvel is centered around a user-friendly workflow. “The people most often operate units like this want the best results without having to work a shoddy UI”, says Johan Lieffers, Managing Director for Datavideo Technologies Europe BV. “That’s why the DVK-400 is so user friendly. Stunning results and a clutter free interface. “

TPC-700 is a 7” touch panel, dedicated to control various types of Datavideo hardware. From switchers to chromakeyers and professional classroom solutions, you can control it all using the TPC-700. “Users most often are used to the ease of use from consumer electronics. We’ve tried to bring the TPC-700 experience as close to that as possible”, clarifies Johan. “With just a touch of a button you can switch apps and use the TPC-700 to control another aspect of an installation. TPC-700 will work right out of the box, on any standard LAN network. It also means that your personnel no longer have to use their own work laptops or tablets, so they will have a distraction free workflow without receiving emails during mission critical operation.”

DVK-400 contains many broadcast specific features that are usually seen on much pricier alternatives. The holdout mask is an area that you can specify in which the chromakeyer doesn’t work. This is mainly done to cancel out parts of your production that contain green, such as displays that show presentations. High end post processing, including background blurring, deliver stunning results without green bleeding and crisp edges around your subjects. “A live chromakeyer has to work through various pitfalls to be excellent”, according to the European office of Datavideo. “Blonde hair, smoke, glass and reflections are notoriously hard to key out. DVK-400 does that all with ease, whilst maintaining a natural looking result.”

Datavideo’s DVK-400 fits in a lot of high-end workflows, such as the one presented at HeadQ studios in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. “We specialize in 3D virtual production, which is basically tracked cameras inside a virtual environment created by the Unreal engine. Datavideo’s DVK-400 is the best chromakeyer available in terms of cost effectiveness. It’s very easy to pull a key, black and white levels are easy adjustable. It fits right into our workflow with the 10 bit 4:4:4 processing and available I/O.” claims Peter Stoel, Producer at HeadQ studios.  

Datavideo's DVK-400 is available in various bundles, starting at US$1999,00.

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Datavideo Introduces Easy-To-Use Professional Chromakeyer Bundle