CP Communications Goes All-RF for CrossFit Games Coverage

  • 06 October, 2023


CP supports three HRP-Live production teams covering competitions with RF equipment;
CP adds PTZ cameras, high-end intercom, more to enhance video and audio services.

USA: CP Communications, a leader in innovative solutions and services for live event productions,
recently wrapped a series of live production projects with HRP-Live culminating with the recent
2023 NOBULL CrossFit Games at Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin.
HRP-Live, a production company that works primarily in the fitness space, hired CP Communications
to handle all RF content acquisition for the second straight year following a successful production
partnership for last year’s annual athletic competition.

CP Communications brought its flagship HD-21 53-foot expando truck to the Alliant Energy Center,
CP Communications provided frequency coordination services for six RF cameras, four robotic PTZ cameras, and audio systems, including microphones, IFBs and intercom. The four-day event was streamed online over multiple platforms including ESPN+, Facebook, YouTube and the CrossFit website, with select hours the final three days broadcast live on ESPN or ESPN2. Competitions included weightlifting, gymnastics, cycling, and endurance running.

CP Communications worked closely with the HRP-Live team to capture competitions that took place inside the Alliant Energy Center’s indoor coliseum and adjacent North Park stadium, a temporary outdoor venue built specifically for this event, with all content handed off to NEP mobile units. While some events were also held at nearby Quann Park and Willow Island, this year’s competition centralized most events to the former two venues, which allowed HRP-Live and CP Communications to simplify their content
acquisition strategy.

“Last year’s competition included off-site activities at distant venues, which required bonded cellular networking to ensure reliable coverage with robust networking back to the mobile village,” said
Mike “Rothy” Roth, HRP-Live Co-Founder. “While the CP team did an exceptional job deploying a hybrid solution, this year’s more focused coverage area allowed us to really dial it in with nearly 100 percent RF coverage. That also allowed us to one-stop shop almost all our gear with CP, which included PTZ cameras with robotic remote control for the first time, and just one bonded cellular system to exclusively cover athletes in the warmup area.”

Roth adds that the CP team built four “RF reporter kits” with video and audio gear that were used to cover the expanse of the larger events, including cross-country 5K runs around the Quann Park perimeter and through adjacent Willow Island. He emphasizes that the biggest upgrade this year was to the intercom system.

“CP this year recommended a Riedel Bolero wireless system, which expanded our capacity, improved portability and strengthened RF audio signals carried over the system,” said Roth. “We were managing a crew of 215 across three production groups and two control rooms, and the Bolero system was easy to use for all, even a few of our crew who are not TV production people. They all learned how to use Bolero within 10 minutes, and it doesn’t require lugging around a belt and a radio.”

Roth has been working with CP Communications on events for many years through previous endeavors, and this year with HRP-Live hired CP to serve different capacities for several domestic CrossFit competitions as well as TYR Wodapalooza, a single-day fitness competition that took place in Miami earlier this year. “We have had nothing but professional experiences with CP that exceed expectations,”
he said. “They are always fair, they are always honest, and they are problem-solvers who are always reliable. Their customer service is exceptional, so for it’s an easy choice for HRP-Live.”


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CP Communications Goes All-RF for CrossFit Games Coverage