Comrex to Showcase BRIC-Link III

  • 08 August, 2022


USA: Comrex will showcase BRIC-Link III, the newest addition to the popular BRIC-Link family of codecs, at IBC2022. There are over 10,000 BRIC-Link codecs circulating world-wide, and BRIC-Link III is an updated version that takes advantage of the latest improvements in IP audio transmission technology.

BRIC-Link III is a true codec, offering a full-duplex stereo encoder and decoder in each box. BRIC-Link III offers a wide range of audio encoding algorithms to choose from including stereo and mono linear mode, FLAC modes, AAC/HE-AAC modes, Opus, G.711 and G.722.

BRIC-Link III is built for multiple modes of operation including BRIC Normal (UDP), RTP, TCP, IP Multicast & EBU 3326/SIP Mode for compatibility. BRIC-Link III is capable of acting as a streaming server, delivering AAC and HE-AAC to compatible PC-based media players, or as a source feed for SHOUTcast/Icecast servers as a HTTP stream.

BRIC-Link III is built with a compact ½ RU chassis like its predecessor, so it’s easy to fit into a small studio set-up. A rack kit for BRIC-Link III will be available for purchase for mounting a single or two side-by-side BRIC-Link IIIs in a 19" rack.

BRIC-Link III features a new, more powerful processor for improved reliability. An enhanced front panel includes four buttons which will trigger contact closures by default and can be configured to make auto-connections to other Comrex IP audio codecs.

Settings, controls, and connections can be accessed via BRIC-Link III’s HTML5-based interface. Alternatively, BRIC-Link III is configurable using the free Windows-based Codec Commander (available from Comrex) along with Fleet Commander software for controlling multiple Comrex IP audio codecs in a single unified interface (available for purchase from any Comrex dealer).

BRIC-Link III is compatible with all Comrex IP audio codecs, including the ACCESS codec line and previous BRIC-Link models, in addition to the FieldTap smartphone app - available for free in the Apple Store and Google Play. BRIC-Link III will also work with Gagl remote contribution audio software, which turns any Comrex IP audio codec into a hub for up to five guests.

BRIC-Link III connects over a variety of IP networks including T1/E1, ISM Band IP Radios, Satellite, WANs and LANs through its primary 1000Base-T Ethernet port. A secondary USB port is available for connection to external devices for added reliability.

Like other IP audio codecs from Comrex, BRIC-Link III includes CrossLock VPN technology - a proprietary suite of reliability tools like forward error correction and dynamic jitter butter in addition to being able to utilize multiple networks in either Bonding or Redundancy Mode.

USB-to-Ethernet adapters are available for purchase from third-parties to take advantage of Redundancy Mode, in which identical audio streams are sent over two networks. This can result in more of a guarantee of a seamless fall-over if one network should fail completely, perfect for mission-critical applications in which multiple known networks are available with plenty of unmetered bandwidth.

BRIC-Link III can assign status to its network through HotSwap, in addition to being able to set a 4G Comrex Connect Modem as a backup to be engaged only if the primary network fails with automatic fallback to the primary once it’s restored. BRIC-Link III. Comrex Connect Modems are available for purchase through an authorized Comrex dealer for US & International customers.

Customers can choose to purchase an optional one-time license per codec to utilize SwitchBoard, a private server that Comrex maintains which allows for easy connections between IP codecs. SwitchBoard licenses are available for purchase from a Comrex dealer.

As with all Comrex products, firmware updates are included at no additional cost. Free technical support in English and Spanish is available Monday - Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM EDT. Every unit includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

For more information about BRIC-Link III, contact

BRIC-Link III and other broadcast reliable solutions from Comrex will be on display at Stand 7.P12.

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Comrex to Showcase BRIC-Link III