Comrex Officially Announces BRIC-Link III

  • 04 November, 2022


USA: Comrex has officially announced BRIC-Link III, the newest addition to the popular BRIC-Link family of codecs. This new codec debuted at NAB 2022. There are over 10,000 BRIC-Link codecs circulating world-wide, and BRIC-Link III is an updated version that takes advantage of the latest improvements in IP audio transmission technology.

BRIC-Link III is a true codec, offering a full-duplex stereo encoder and decoder in each box. A jitter buffer manager is incorporated that automatically balances delay and stability, dynamically increasing and decreasing delay based on network performance. BRIC-link III offers a wide range of encoding algorithms including stereo and mono linear mode, FLAC modes, AAC/HE-AAC modes, Opus, G.722 and G.711.

BRIC-Link III features a new, more powerful processor for improved reliability. BRIC-Link III also features enhanced front panel indicators, including four buttons which will trigger contact closures by default and configurable for auto-connections to other Comrex IP audio codecs.

BRIC-Link III is compatible with all other Comrex IP audio codecs, including the ACCESS codec line as well as older BRIC-Link models. BRIC-Link III also works with Gagl, a new service now available for purchase for audio contribution. Gagl turns any Comrex IP audio codec into a hub for up to five remote participants.

Like other BRIC-Link codecs, BRIC-Link III includes CrossLock VPN technology, Comrex’s proprietary suite of reliability tools. In addition to bonding technology, CrossLock also includes a Redundancy Mode for mission-critical applications. BRIC-Link III can take advantage of HotSwap, meaning that users can set a 4G/5G modem as a backup connection to only be engaged when the primary internet fails, providing an extra layer of reliability.

Customers can also choose to purchase an optional one-time license per codec to utilize SwitchBoard, a private server that Comrex maintains which allows for easy connections between IP codecs.

BRIC-Link III features a user-friendly HTML-5 based interface. BRIC-Link III is also built with a compact chassis, so it’s easy to fit into a studio set-up. A dual rack kit accessory for housing two BRIC-Link III codecs on a rack shelf side-by-side will be available for purchase.

BRIC-Link III is built for multiple modes of operation, including BRIC-Link normal (UDP), HTTP (Streaming Server, Icecast/Shoutcast, Multistreaming), RTP, TCP, IP Multicast & EBU 3326/SIP mode for compatibility).

As with all Comrex products, firmware updates are included at no additional cost. Free technical support in English and Spanish is available during business hours. Each unit comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

For more information about BRIC-Link III, please contact Comrex at:

For pricing and availability, please contact a Comrex dealer. A full list of Comrex’s global network of authorized resellers can be found here.

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Comrex Officially Announces BRIC-Link III