Clear-Com solutions integral to Tulip TV upgrade

  • 08 January, 2024


Clear-Com and Matsuda Trading Provide State-of-the-art Intercom for Tulip TV’s New Facility
in Toyoma, Japan.

USA: Clear-Com® played a crucial role in the comprehensive upgrade of Tulip Television Co. Ltd.’s intercom system for its new office building in Toyama City, Japan. An affiliate of Japan News Network (JNN), Tulip Television Co. Ltd. was established in 1990, and the construction of Tulip TV’s new office building in Toyama City required a comprehensive update for the Japanese broadcaster’s intercom system.

Facing challenges posed by the pandemic, the entire process, from design and demonstration of the system in 2020-2021 to equipment shipping in 2022, and installation under some Covid restrictions
in the early part of 2023, required a resilient and innovative approach.

Tulip TV and long-time Clear-Com Partner, MTC were unequivocal in their praise for the technology and their mutual dedication to procuring the system under challenging circumstances. As MTC stated:
“We would like to thank everyone at Tulip TV for their hard work to install the latest communication equipment through the Coronavirus pandemic and difficult procurement period. Clear-Com and MTC will continue to provide a stable intercom system in the future, and we will do our best to support Tulip.”

Provided by Matsuda Trading (MTC), Clear-Com’s distributor in Japan, the system includes a Clear-Com Eclipse® HX digital matrix system with FreeSpeak Edge® digital wireless and leverages Clear-Com’s highly flexible mobile smartphone app, Agent-IC®, and provides a cutting-edge solution for simplifying and streamlining comms for Tulip TV.

The system utilizes an Eclipse HX-Delta as a central matrix, which is equipped with an E-IPA card for IP connectivity to connect V-Series Iris™ Panels, FreeSpeak Edge transceivers, and Agent-IC between different rooms and other locations, with Iris panels located at remote master/news desks. All wireless transceivers are driven through the IP network. Additionally, Tulip has adopted a 5 GHz FreeSpeak Edge system, providing wireless coverage for the beltpacks in their ground floor studio.  

“All endpoints are connected as a single communication system. Numerous Clear-Com Iris key panels
are deployed in each sub-table location, with further interoperability includes cameras, radios,
announcer talkbacks, and phone lines,” the technical team of Tulip TV explained.

In addition to meeting requirements for cost and scale, the system designed for the new space provided Tulip TV with an advanced communication environment that takes full advantage of the Clear-Com system’s high-level functionality, and the team at Tulip also shared that: “Clear-Com’s EHX management software is easy to use” and that they are “satisfied with the ability to create a diverse communication environment."

The improved ease of use and overall reliability also enhance Tulip TV’s operation experience.
The deployment of Agent-IC, which has become a standard for Japanese broadcasters, further optimizes their communication with relay destinations. Tulip mentioned that: “With the introduction of Agent-IC, challenges were instantly resolved. Similar mechanisms existed in the market, but the deciding factor was Agent-IC's superior GUI (Graphical User Interface). It can be operated intuitively even by reporters and other staff who are not familiar with the operating equipment, and it has received good reviews from the field.”

Beyond that, the use of Agent-IC and the possibility to license additional capability for the Clear-Com E-IPA card will ensure the system can be expanded should Tulip TV need to scale the system up to connect fluently and reliably with other studios and individuals in the future.

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Clear-Com solutions integral to Tulip TV upgrade