CinecolorSat chooses KenCast

  • 14 December, 2023


For satellite and terrestrial delivery of digital cinema throughout LATAM.

Hybrid satellite-terrestrial solutions will unify CinecolorSat network, improve efficiency and allow company to offer
new services to cinemas.

USA: Millions of cinemagoers in seven of Latin America’s largest economies will watch cinema content exclusively received and processed by technology from KenCast on a hybrid satellite-terrestrial network.

CinecolorSat, the cinema distribution division for the Chilefilms group, has agreed to a multiyear agreement through 2028 to extend its collaboration with KenCast for delivering feature films and
live events to theaters across the region.

CinecolorSat, which is the largest multicast distribution service for feature films in Latin America, will also purchase a substantial number of new KenCast CinemaPro appliances. These will replace alternative digital cinema solutions and incorporate KenCast terrestrial delivery technology into its expansive network.

“With the new CinemaPros and KenCast’s terrestrial solution we can unify our network and optimize operational and cost efficiency with a single workflow for satellite and terrestrial. They will also support
our ability to offer live global and local content as well as small-scale distribution to select theatres,”
said David Trejo, Director of CinecolorSat. “We are excited to extend our partnership with KenCast,
which has been a key technology provider and support partner for us for almost a decade.
This agreement ensures that we can provide our customers with the best quality content,
affordably delivered over any network.”

CinecolorSat, has been using KenCast’s Fazzt™ Digital Delivery System and theater-side CinemaPro appliances since the start of its operations in 2013 and has grown to be the region’s most prolific satellite content distributor for cinemas. It has relied on KenCast to securely and efficiently deliver films, alternative content, trailers, commercials and more to over 1700 cinemas throughout Latin America.

The two companies are collaborating on hybrid satellite-terrestrial solutions to optimize the delivery of entertainment content across different networks. For large networks, satellite distribution is the preferred option in that it is both highly efficient and cost-effective. However, terrestrial distribution via fiber has advantages for smaller scale delivery. In both cases, Fazzt™ reliably delivers streams and large files
of multimedia content, using advanced error correction, compression and validation.

The purchase of new KenCast CinemaPro appliances will allow Cinecolor to fully unify its network to ensure uniform high-quality and operational efficiency. These appliances readily interface with leading theater management systems and are designed for reception over both satellite and terrestrial networks. Moreover, they improve scheduling functionality, heighten storage efficiency, and enable CinecolorSat to add third-party services to their network, such as digital signage, advertising, gaming and others.

“KenCast is honored to continue partnering with CinecolorSat’s mission of bringing high-quality entertainment to theaters across Latin America. Supporting their continued growth as a technology partner has been incredibly rewarding as we helped deliver major events like the hugely successful BTS concert, the FIFA World Cup, and the Superbowl to cinemas,” said KenCast’s President, Dr. Henrik Axelsson.
“As we look ahead, we are excited to make their vision of a hybrid terrestrial/satellite network
for delivery of feature films and live events a reality.”

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CinecolorSat chooses KenCast