Chyron Enhances AXIS

  • 25 May, 2021


The updates to Chyron's AXIS focus on improving UX, streamlining workflow, accelerating production,
and enriching the end product.

USA: Chyron has announced major enhancements to the company's popular web-based AXIS, a powerful, easy-to-use order management and graphics creation toolset. These updates include the redesign and optimization of the web-based user interface; a significant expansion of the AXIS maps module to include the latest geographic data sets, covering both North America and continental Europe; and support for the latest APIs from the Associated Press and Getty Images to enable smarter, more streamlined handling of media assets. 

These new changes to AXIS are a great example of Chyron's focus on improving the user experience, streamlining workflow, accelerating production, and enriching the end product," said Chyron Vice President of Strategy Mathieu Yerle. "The enhancements we're rolling out now are a logical continuation of the AXIS evolution, and they add value whether the system is fully integrated within a Chyron ecosystem or deployed along with third-party solutions." 

AXIS fully integrates with Chyron's CAMIO MOS Gateway and Graphics Asset Manager to support end-to-end workflows from creation to distribution and playout across broadcast, the web, and mobile. Designed for ease of use, the system's web-based interface simplifies the creation of graphics and animations, such as news and sports packages, maps, and charts. Using prebuilt templates along with images from both local libraries and image services, journalists and other users can quickly build graphics with a professional look and feel. 

For smaller or independent broadcast stations without a large graphics team, this model offers a fast, economical, "do it yourself" approach that preserves consistency with station branding, style, and quality. For larger broadcast organizations, AXIS not only orchestrates order management across multiple stations and a central graphics hub, but also facilitates distribution and customization of graphics for different stations and programs. 

In ongoing product development designed to support the day-to-day work of broadcast stations, Chyron has reworked the overall AXIS user experience to simplify and accelerate execution of key tasks and to improve performance in general. The company has updated functionality within the maps module so that AXIS users can create any kind of overlay needed to tell their story. Data within the maps module has been refreshed to ensure geographic boundaries are accurate, and that data now includes not just the U.S., but also Canada and all of continental Europe. 

Tight integration with the latest APIs from Associated Press and Getty Images helps broadcasters to purchase, manage, and access still and video assets more quickly and to view and use owned content more effectively across different projects or teams. 

"From its very beginnings, Chyron has been an innovator in making news broadcasts better with graphics," said Chyron Vice President of Marketing Carol Bettencourt. "In the decades since then, we have very ably supplied many different verticals with a variety of products, but we remain committed to that news workflow for both small-market stations and larger broadcast groups. Enhancements to AXIS reflect that commitment, and we're confident users will see and feel the difference in their daily work." 

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Chyron Enhances AXIS