CAST Group Strengthens Leadership Team

  • 23 November, 2023


Nicholas Lau, BlackTrax Product Manager, and Jose Fernandez, Assistant Product Manager, CAST Group of Companies.

CAN: In a strategic move to further drive innovation and the development of its groundbreaking solutions, CAST Group of Companies is thrilled to announce the appointment of Nicholas Lau as Product Manager for BlackTrax and Jose Fernandez as Assistant Product Manager.

With a proud 29-year history of serving the industry, CAST Group continues its commitment to push its technologies further. The recent launch of BlackTrax BT-1, a new compact tracking solution, along with wysiwyg roadmap of improvements, this strategic leadership expansion, is a testament to the company's dedication to opening new realms of possibilities for creatives.

Nicholas Lau, with his extensive background as a BlackTrax Product Specialist and Trainer, brings a unique blend of technical expertise and a deep understanding of the product. Nicholas’s journey with CAST started in 2018, and he has since played an important role in the successful delivery of large-scale productions, internal testing, and client technical support.

"The intelligence ingrained within the core of BlackTrax provides ample room for growth. Given the ongoing advancements in tracking and automation technology, coupled with the scalability and reliability inherent in BlackTrax, we find ourselves in an ideal position to take this solution further than ever before."

When asked about his vision for the BlackTrax product, Nicholas emphasises his commitment towards developing customer-centric solutions. "My vision for BlackTrax is to continue positioning BlackTrax as a market leader," he explains. "I aim to enhance its current strengths and address any pain points identified through customer research. By fostering collaboration across teams, staying ahead of technological advancements, and maintaining a keen eye on customer feedback, I am confident that we can shape
the future and redefine the next phase of tracking and automation technology.”

In the new role as Product Manager, Nicholas Lau will be at the forefront of shaping the future of BlackTrax. His experience in overseeing day-to-day operations related to BlackTrax activities positions
him perfectly to lead the product through all phases of the development lifecycle, exceeding customer expectations and satisfaction.

Reflecting on his new role, Nicholas Lau stated: "I am honoured to take on the role of Product Manager, and I embrace this opportunity with enthusiasm. I am dedicated to redefining the product vision and roadmap, ensuring a continuous process of evaluation and agility to bring the next product visions into reality."

Jose Fernandez, with over 8 years as a Technical Writer for CAST Group, possesses an impressive deep understanding of the intricacies of its three award-winning products, BlackTrax, wysiwyg, and Vivien. Jose’s expertise in user documentation along with his extensive background in show lighting fixtures' research and development make him an invaluable addition to the team that’s ready to push the boundaries of what’s possible for CAST Group’s software and hardware solutions.

With the new role as Assistant Product Manager, Jose will focus on finding synergies and optimisations
for product development cycles, integrations, and new documentation processes for BlackTrax, wysiwyg,
Vivien, and any future products

”I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to contribute and help shape the future of our product development. My goal is to be responsive to the furious pace of innovation and technical advancements within the industries we serve."

Stuart Green, CEO of CAST Group, commented on the appointments: "We’re on the brink of a transformative era at CAST and it’s incredible to see it unfold. The strategic appointments of Nicholas Lau and Jose Fernandez signify a pivotal moment as we gear up to propel BlackTrax, wysiwyg and Vivien
to new heights. Their extensive experience, coupled with a deep understanding of our products,
will significantly contribute to the success of BlackTrax, Vivien, and wysiwyg. This is a thrilling chapter
for the entire product team and I'm excited to witness them redefine what’s possible for
real-time tracking and more!"

The appointment of Nicholas Lau and Jose Fernandez arrives perfectly as CAST Group prepares to showcase its new BT-1 system at the upcoming LDI show. Visit booth 2255 at LDI to witness the
latest innovations, meet the team, and experience first-hand the impact that BT-1 is already
having on small to medium-sized projects around the globe.

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CAST Group Strengthens Leadership Team