Canon introduces the RC-SK5 PTZ controller

  • 29 January, 2024


Canon introduces the SKAARHOJ RC-SK5 PTZ controller with powerful features to put you firmly in control.

UK: Canon Europe announces its latest innovation, the RC-SK5 - a professional PTZ controller developed
in collaboration with world-renowned manufacturer SKAARHOJ.

Exclusively designed for Canon, the cutting-edge controller sets a new standard for versatility in
multi-camera productions - from entry-level broadcast, to live events such as musical performances
and concerts, or recording lectures in higher education.

By seamlessly integrating Canon XC protocol with a professional quality joystick, Zoom Rocker and dials, the controller allows content creators to give their productions a powerful creative edge.

Operating a seamless, multi-camera workflow is easy with the RC-SK5. The potential to control various
PTZ cameras and Canon camcorders via an IP network unlocks new opportunities for dynamic and synchronised content creation.

The high-quality and ergonomically-designed joystick ensures intuitive control, delivering a tactile and responsive link to each connected camera with a new level of accuracy. Smooth wide-to-tele transitions can be effortlessly achieved with the Zoom Rocker, enabling users to monitor everything with precise control, with the additional benefit of 20 control sets.

The ability to connect to other SKAARHOJ products extends the controller’s capabilities by providing access to a broad ecosystem, such as the side panel Frame Shot Pro which offers even more intuitive control with colour images of preset positions.

An additional paid licence opens further features and enables the freedom to integrate the RC-SK5
with various products and devices from different manufacturers, maximising the potential of the
existing infrastructure.

Key specifications:

  • XC protocol support
  • Professional quality joystick
  • Dedicated Zoom Rocker
  • Dedicated dials
  • Versatile control sets
  • Compatible with other SKAARHOJ products
  • Open connectivity and additional features (with paid licence)
  • Produced by SKAARHOJ exclusively for Canon

The latest release joins the brand’s robust line-up of existing PTZ technology, seamlessly fitting into
its mid-range selection. For more information, click here.

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Canon introduces the RC-SK5 PTZ controller