Broadcast Commerce Giant Benefits from Teleport Upgrade

  • 05 January, 2023


UK/USA: Satellite communications used by video commerce giant QVC/HSN for their television shopping networks and ecommerce sites are benefiting from a teleport upgrade provided by PSSI Global Services. The new satellite ground links use ViaLite’s high dynamic range L-Band HTS link pairs together with 3U chassis configurations and HRC-5 monitoring and control modules in Satcom6 outdoor enclosures

When QVC/HSN performed their initial satellite test after installation, they found that the ViaLite optical fiber links were ‘perfect out of the box’. They also performed a peak and pol test using an SES3 transponder and received a perfect cross-pol isolation. 

“Thank you ViaLite, everything is meeting expectations!” summed up their enthusiastic feedback. 

Craig Somach, ViaLite Director of Sales, commented: “We very much appreciate and cherish the partnerships that have developed through being involved in this important multi-vendor program. The entire ViaLite team is delighted with the feedback and the overall success of the deployment, which brought together various other suppliers and support groups in making it all happen.” 

PSSI Global Services has the largest fleet of transmission vehicles in North America and a variety of cutting-edge equipment available 24/7 for events around the world. They are a worldwide leader in live event management services and provide expertise and support for everything from 4K/UHD pay-per-view events to complex multichannel at-home productions. 

QVC and its sister retail brands reach more than 200 million homes worldwide via 14 television networks and connect to millions more via streaming services, social pages, mobile apps, websites, print catalogs and in-store destinations. 

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Broadcast Commerce Giant Benefits from Teleport Upgrade