Brazil’s Globo Continues to Rely on TVU Networks for High-Profile Live Production Needs

  • 17 November, 2022


USA: After successful live broadcasts of this year’s Beijing Winter Games and last year’s Tokyo Summer Games, Brazil’s leading TV network, Globo, continues to rely on TVU Networks for its high-profile, live transmission needs. The broadcaster will employ 17 TVU One mobile transmitters for live coverage of the 2022 Football Championship in Qatar, starting November 20th. Before the official tournament start, Globo is using three of its 17 units for pre-event coverage from Dubai and Italy.

One TVU One is currently capturing the action from Dubai where Globo journalist Eric Farias produces live and pre-recorded feature stories for the network’s flagship newscast Jornal Nacional. Along with Farias, a producer and camera operator in Dubai, are chronicling the daily occurrences in the region. Two additional units will follow to capture the Brazil national team’s practice and training from Turin, Italy in the day’s leading up to the tournament’s official start.
Pictured: Globo journalist Eric Farias and camera operator using TVU One mobile transmitter from Qatar.

TVU One mobile transmitters are the optimal answer for cost-effective, live shots outside of game coverage, such as interviews, athlete profiles and exploring the event venue. They transfer live UHD quality video with sub-second latency and the ability to transmit video over a 5G bonded cellular infrastructure.

“Given the importance of football in Brazil, Globo’s coverage of the upcoming competition in Qatar has to be flawless,” said Rafael Castillo, Vice President EMEA and Latin America at TVU Networks. “Thankfully, we’ve proven the stability of our technology and our consistent, 24/7 support with Globo and other high-profile broadcasts in the region. For over a decade, TVU’s live video ecosystem delivered rock solid results for the world’s biggest events. We’re honored to be a part of Globo’s pre- and at-event coverage this year.”

With TVU One’s 5G connectivity, Globo will achieve faster transmission, ultra low latency and greater bandwidth, which increases video quality and enables more reliable transmission. Plus, TVU One mobile transmitters are reliable from any location, thereby removing the need for costly satellite transmission.

TVU One mobile transmitters feature:

  • 5G transmission with unlimited 5G data; 
  • 1080p or optional 4K HDR ready;
  • Sub-second latency; 
  • The aggregation of all available data connections - cellular, 5G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite - transmitting broadcast-quality video from any location. 

With the exclusive rights to broadcast the event in Brazil, Globo is preparing coverage totaling over 300 hours of transmission.

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Brazil’s Globo Continues to Rely on TVU Networks for High-Profile Live Production Needs