Brainstorm celebrates its 30th Anniversary at the Broadcast India Show 2023

  • 06 October, 2023


Brainstorm will showcase new features that take Virtual Production to the next level,
using the latest NVIDIA ADA GPU technology.

IND: Brainstorm, leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, will celebrate its 30th anniversary in the Indian subcontinent by exhibiting at Broadcast India 2023.
Brainstorm is proud of its long commitment in the industry, which underlines how a company focused on innovation can continue to excel year in year out in the dynamic and ever evolving broadcast market.

In booth C-14, Brainstorm will be presenting the most recent developments of its product range, showcasing the latest versions of its InfinitySet and Aston flagship products that include new features and solutions. Also, Brainstorm will demonstrate the new Edison ecosystem, the company’s comprehensive and turn-key solution for immersive live presentations, which is purpose-built as a simple-to-use virtual studio in a box.

The main booth demo featuring InfinitySet will display advanced, photorealistic augmented and mixed reality content in a highly visually and engaging presentation. Based in a green screen environment, the demonstration features real-time in-context AR motion graphics, fully immersive talent TeleTransportation, multi-background content and much more. Fully compatible with Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) Vanilla, InfinitySet now includes full integration of its own created objects, or those of Aston, within the UE environment and vice-versa. These include shadows, reflections, and AR with Unreal Engine, providing unmatched flexibility for content creation. All these new features are possible thanks to the latest ADA 6000 GPU technology from NVIDIA.

Motion graphics are essential in any broadcast workflow, and therefore Brainstorm will also show how Aston can provide designers with the most advanced tools for data-driven, in-context AR graphics, which can be displayed in immersive virtual environments, including UE scenes, and seamlessly interact with the scene and the talents. The on-booth Aston demonstration will also show how multi-channel graphics can easily and transparently be part of any program content, enhancing the information and making it more interesting and visually engaging for the audience.

In addition, Brainstorm will showcase the Edison ecosystem. Built around Edison PRO, it is a complete solution that transforms any live or online presentation into an immersive experience by using AR and virtual environments. The Edison ecosystem features custom-built capture environments such as EdisonGO, which is a simple but highly sophisticated camera tracking app for iPhone. The ecosystem also includes physical surfaces like Edison eDesk, incorporating Stream Deck control devices or similar,
as well as free applications such as Edison OnDemand. So, any user, however inexperienced, can take full advantage of Edison PRO’s wide-ranging set of powerful tools. This ecosystem of tools enhances storytelling with easily created real-time 3D graphics and other visual aids, while presenters are immersed in a virtual, photorealistic environment, running the presentation with clickers or other remote devices. Simplicity and sophistication at their best!

David Alexander, Brainstorm’s Commercial Director, says: “The fantastic feedback we’ve received with the introduction of Suite 5 at NAB earlier this year has led us to unveil Suite 5.1 to further expand its new XR/AR features to perfectly match current and future content creation requirements from our customers, which also benefit from NVIDIA’s advanced GPU technology”.

“Broadcast India remains the principal trade show for the subcontinent's broadcast and audio-visual market and we’re looking forward to meeting our customers and users in person again”, says
Francisco Gallego, Sales and Business Development Manager at Brainstorm. “Brainstorm has benefited from recent record years of sales, even during the harsh pandemic years, and we’re glad to be back with a dedicated Brainstorm booth at this year’s exhibition. So, for requirements to enhance graphics, virtual production, XR, AR and other workflows, look no further than the C-14 Brainstorm booth”.

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Brainstorm celebrates its 30th Anniversary at the Broadcast India Show 2023