Bolin Technology Showcasing at IBC2023

  • 11 September, 2023


Bolin Technology announces new European Operation - offering local availability of inventory and technical support, local service and quick response, interactive and enhanced partnership, and synchronization of product release with USA.

USA: Bolin Technology designs, engineers, and manufactures indoor and outdoor PTZ cameras for broadcasters and other professionals. Broadcast customers asked Bolin to design PTZ cameras with
SDI-quality video delivered over IP and within a 1Gbps infrastructure.
After years of research, Bolin answered with FAST HEVC. To meet this challenge, Bolin leveraged its design, engineering, and manufacturing experience to combine the open standard HEVC with AMD’s powerful Zynq™ UltraScale+™ MPSoC to power the video engines which deliver 4K60p YUV 4:2:2 10bit video with an ultra-low two frames of latency and a dramatically low, customer-selectable bandwidth between 20-50 Mbps. With FAST HEVC, professionals worldwide can deliver up to 12G-SDI video
and two channels of balanced audio over a standard category cable.

The R9 is Bolin Technology’s new flagship indoor PTZ camera. It offers three imaging options for various applications: an 18X zoom at 4K30 with a 1” CMOS sensor, a 30X zoom at Full HD, and a 20X zoom at 4K60. All options offer excellent low-light performance and image stabilization; some feature superior low-light performance and Super Image Stabilization. The R9 features up to two FPGA video processing engines outputting multiple video streams. There are two 12G-SDI outputs, Optical SDI and HDMI 2.0, and multiple IP streams, including the FPGA hardware codec FAST HEVC. And all of the video streams are simultaneous and independent! Additionally, the R9 is IP65 rated.

The award-winning EX-Ultra is Bolin’s new flagship outdoor PTZ camera. It offers the same superior image and connectivity options as the R9 but has an extended 48X zoom with a 1” sensor. The EX-Ultra is IP 67 rated, including the output cover. There are multiple permanent mounting options and tripod mounting holes with a quick connect option for mobile use. We even designed a custom vibration-dampening base for vehicle mounting. The EX-Ultra is a revolution in outdoor PTZ cameras.

Bolin Technology’s EG40F FAST HEVC decoder is the perfect end-to-end companion for the FAST HEVC-enabled EX-Ultra and R9 cameras. FAST HEVC is based on the HEVC open standard,
so a regular HEVC decoder can easily decode it. To achieve a complete FAST HEVC workflow, including ultra-low latency and extremely low bandwidth,
Bolin offers the EDGE Series EG40F decoders.

See the powerful R9 indoor PTZ camera, the equally impressive outdoor EX-Ultra,
the EG40F FAST HEVC decoder, SDI-quality video over IP solutions for
broadcast professionals and much more at IBC2023 on stand 2.A29.

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Bolin Technology Showcasing at IBC2023