Blu Digital Group Acquires Haymillian

  • 23 November, 2022


Positioning Blu Digital Group as a leading global supplier of localization services with offices in Latin America and Europe.

USA: Blu Digital Group, Inc., a media technology company that offers award-winning cloud-based software and digital media services to the global entertainment industry, has officially acquired Haymillian, a dubbing, subtitling, and access services company supporting over 40 languages within subtitling and dubbing.

The acquisition enables Blu to further enhance its localization and access services capabilities and to expand its presence in Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. The venture aims to cater to the growing localization needs of the entertainment industry as well as contributing to the industry’s efforts to enhance content accessibility for people with hearing loss or visual impairment through the provision of high-quality access services (closed captions, subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing, and audio description).

“When we launched our localization division to complement our content distribution and software divisions, we saw a gap in the market for full-service media management facilities which integrated localization into the content distribution workflow,” said Paulette Pantoja, CEO of Blu Digital Group.
“By acquiring Haymillian, we substantially grow our localization footprint, adding services and territories in key areas. We can now integrate our proprietary project management tools into the end-to-end workflow, taking clients from post-production all the way through packaging and final delivery to platforms. We are excited to welcome the team from Haymillian into the Blu Digital Group family, joining us on the next chapter of our growth story.”

Following the acquisition, Blu establishes its presence in the UK, Greece, and Mexico. The newly expanded dubbing studio in Mexico is centrally located and enables access to an extended pool of talented voice actors and localization professionals. At the same time, the Greece-based operations team facilitates timely communication with clients and vendors.

“We are excited to join Blu Digital Group and combine their experience in digital media management with Haymillian’s know-how to better respond to the evolving needs of the entertainment industry,”
said Aida Martirosyan, Managing Director, Haymillian. “We are going to build on the expertise of our talent pool and internal teams to keep becoming better at what we do: helping the entertainment industry reach a wider audience with its content.”

In May 2022, Blu Digital expanded its English dubbing capabilities with the acquisition of Central Post LA (now Blu Digital Group’s Hollywood studios), an award-winning audio recording facility in Hollywood. The facility has enabled Blu Digital Group to significantly grow its localization services.

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Blu Digital Group Acquires Haymillian