Blackbird and Newsbridge partner

  • 26 May, 2021


UK/FRA: Blackbird plc and Newsbridge have partnered to provide media professionals with a flexible, powerful end-to-end cloud video management and production solution.

The integrated solution combines two cloud-native services: Newsbridge’s smart asset management platform powered by AI and Blackbird’s video editing and publishing platform. Optimised for speed, flexibility and resilience, the solution empowers users with easy access to their media from anywhere for the rapid editing, enriching and publishing of their content to multiple platforms and channels based on their specific needs.

Newsbridge CEO, Philippe Petitpont, commented: “This partnership serves as a major source of opportunity for media asset managers, production teams and editors alike who are working together and require a streamlined solution to promote cross-departmental collaboration. By combining our two state of the art technologies, we’re delivering an unprecedented Multimodal Indexing AI and Video Editing solution that takes 360 media production workflows into account.”

Offering a platform powered by its signature Multimodal Indexing AI technology, Newsbridge provides a range of media valorization features including Media Asset Collections, Cloud Video Tools and a Content Monetization Showcase & Resale portal. Newsbridge serves a wide variety of international customers across the Broadcast, Press, Sports Rights-Holders and Corporate sectors, such as: TF1 Group, AFP, FFF, M6 and Reed Midem.

Blackbird CEO, Ian McDonough, added: “As media companies continue to look for ways to improve speed and productivity in workflows through the cloud, our partnership with Newsbridge is very well timed. Their track record of innovation in reducing technical overhead and increasing efficiency in some of Europe’s biggest broadcasters as well as adding significant value to their existing media assets complements Blackbird’s mission to empower users to create, edit and enrich high quality video from anywhere.”

Blackbird drives awareness, efficiencies and monetization for brands in the sports, news, entertainment and enterprise sectors. The company’s customers include Tata Communications, EVS, BT, IMG, Deltatre, Sky News Arabia, A+E Networks, NHL, Eleven Sports, Riot Games, the U.S Department of State and 69 local US news stations with TownNews.

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Blackbird and Newsbridge partner