Black Box and OSPL to Host Webinar

  • 02 March, 2021


Black Box Emerald Secure KVM Switch

USA: Black Box, an industry-leading provider of IT connectivity solutions, is partnering with OSPL UK to present "How to Protect Assets and Information With TEMPEST-Certified Solutions." Starting at 10 a.m. GMT on March 3, the 45-minute presentation will explain the TEMPEST protection profile, the test and certification process and the security benefits of TEMPEST modifications to Black Box Secure KVM Switches. The webinar will conclude with a live Q&A session. 

Peter Merrifield, Business Development Manager at OSPL UK, will co-host the webinar along with David Isola, Product Manager for KVM at Black Box, Ireland. The two experts will discuss how TEMPEST can help organizations protect assets and sensitive information from possible external and internal threats. 

OSPL performs TEMPEST testing to the highest NATO and EU TEMPEST standards (SDIP-27/2 level A, B, C and IASG 7-03, respectively), and Black Box has partnered with the company to develop a turnkey solution of fully tested, certified and serialised TEMPEST Secure KVM Switches. Merrifield and Isola will explain how secure KVM switches protect against potential data leakage, hacking and hardware tampering risks, especially when connected peripherals are shared between multiple systems with different security levels. 

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Black Box and OSPL to Host Webinar