BirdDog and Broadcast Pix announce OEM agreement

  • 16 May, 2023


AUS: BirdDog, a global leader in professional video production and live streaming technology, has announced a new OEM partnership with Broadcast Pix to bundle X120 PTZ Cameras with select models
of Hybrid and Pix Integrated Production Solutions.

X120 creates an entirely new paradigm in production freedom, with over 5 ways to connect the camera. The connection options include wireless NDI HX3 over Wi-Fi. Additionally, X120 can send NDI HX3 over Ethernet, features SDI and HDMI for traditional baseband video workflows, and UVC via USB-C for direct connection to Zoom, Teams, Barco Clickshare, and any USB UVC compatible device or application.

Founded in 2002, Broadcast Pix is a Boston-based company that creates easy-to-install and use
Integrated Production Solutions, as well as cloud-based solutions for media management, collaboration, and distribution.

Broadcast Pix Hybrid and Pix systems provide the most comprehensive toolsets for any production environment, from Churches and Govt. Meetings to Broadcast control rooms, and using the power of the BPNet IP infrastructure enables users to contribute and control live productions from anywhere in the World that has an internet connection. Broadcast Pix proudly has more than 5,400 installations across
100 countries.

“Broadcast Pix is all about making Video Production easy and more accessible to everyone and in our view the new BirdDog X120 PTZ camera is a game changer!” said Graham Sharp, CEO of Broadcast Pix
“Our Hybrid and Pix bundles, with everything you need in the box, preconfigured and ready to go is an unbeatable offering, enabling our users to be producing professional-looking content in minutes.”

“It’s an exciting announcement and agreement we have with Broadcast Pix,” said Jamie Ambrose,
BirdDog CRO. “Broadcast Pix has such a wide and diverse customer base and a fantastic team.
Working with Broadcast Pix is going to be a lot of fun and sure to be rewarding for both parties.”

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BirdDog and Broadcast Pix announce OEM agreement