Bethel Radio Peru upgrades with Lawo

  • 04 July, 2024


Enhances Broadcasting Capabilities with Lawo's Innovative IP-Based Solutions.

GER: Bethel Radio, a prominent cultural and educational broadcaster based in Lima, Peru, has recently upgraded its broadcasting infrastructure with IP-based solutions from Lawo, a leading provider of broadcast technology. This strategic enhancement aims to fortify Bethel Radio's workflow, flexibility, scalability, and future-orientation, which fits perfectly with the station’s dedication to providing
outstanding content.

Bethel Radio, founded in 2002 as part of the Bethel Cultural Association, has been a cornerstone in providing diverse content encompassing cultural, educational, and practical themes alongside Christian music, societal topics, and community services. With a nationwide reach on FM and AM frequencies and
a strong online presence through its Facebook page, Bethel Radio has established itself as a vital voice
in Peru's media landscape.

The recent installation of Lawo's 12-fader diamond console, coupled with the VisTool virtual extension, marks a significant step forward for Bethel Radio. This modular broadcast console, designed for both
radio and TV applications, is built on the open AES67/RAVENNA Audio-over-IP networking standards,
ensuring seamless connectivity and compatibility with evolving industry standards such as
ST2110-30/-31 and ST2022-7.

Powered by the Lawo Power Core Engine, the diamond console provides a robust infrastructure with expandable I/O options, accommodating various audio sources and destinations, including AES67,
MADI, analog, AES3, and Dante®. With an internal matrix offering 1,920 x 1,920 crosspoints and up to
96 channels of DSP input processing, the diamond console delivers unparalleled processing capabilities, including EQ, dynamics, de-essing, limiting, and delay.

In addition to the core setup, Bethel Radio has integrated an additional Power Core AIOX expansion frame, adding 64 channels of audio in just 1RU. This expansion capability further enhances the station's capacity to accommodate additional audio or GPIO channels, ensuring scalability to meet future demands.

The deployment of VisTool, Lawo's virtual UI for studio or remote applications, empowers operators
with single-point access to all essential tools, enhancing workflow efficiency and ease of operation.
With its intuitive graphical interface, VisTool simplifies control and monitoring tasks, offering operators
unprecedented control over Lawo's powerful mixing engine platforms.

Miguel Ángel Ángeles Ramón, CEO of Bethel Radio, expresses his excitement about the collaboration with Lawo, stating that: “The integration of Lawo equipment elevates Bethel Radio’s broadcasting capabilities, providing a robust and future-proof infrastructure. Lawo's expertise in IP-based systems brings a new dimension of seamless connectivity, flexibility, and scalability, aligning perfectly with Bethel Radio’s commitment to delivering exceptional content to its discerning audience.”

Abel Cuerto, Technical Director at Bethel Radio, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing how Lawo's IP solutions help the station to master future challenges. “We are delighted to collaborate with Lawo in modernizing our broadcast facilities," says Cuerto. “Lawo provides our radio station with the tools
we need to excel in today's dynamic media landscape and to broadcast the content and our
messages in Peru and worldwide.”

Gustavo Reategui, CEO of Video Broadcast, Lawo's partner in Peru, summarizes: “As a partner of Lawo,
I am very excited about our collaboration with Bethel Radio. With the integration of Lawo's IP-based
broadcast solutions, Bethel Radio will be able to utilize the expanded capabilities to serve its national
and international community even better.”

Lawo is a global technology partner with a long history of delivering innovative solutions for live media production workflows. With a unified approach that combines workflow management and control,
physical I/O, processing, and human interfaces, Lawo creates optimized solutions for productions
including television broadcast and on-air radio, performing arts, houses of worship, and professional AV.
Customer value is driven through simplicity, agility, technical and commercial flexibility, and through
its team of experts who are passionate about enabling the creation of world-class content.
Lawo products are manufactured to highest quality standards in Rastatt, Germany.

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Bethel Radio Peru upgrades with Lawo