BCE to introduce its Media-as-a-Service offer at IBC2023

  • 04 August, 2023


This innovative concept marks an important evolution for BCE, as it provides customers with a one-stop shop for all their media solutions, products, and services.

LUX: Media-as-a-Service revolutionizes the way customers access BCE's portfolio. It allows them to build their own customized set of solutions that precisely match their project requirements. With this new approach, BCE aims to provide unparalleled flexibility and efficiency to its customers.

During the IBC tradeshow, BCE will showcase its remote production and gamification modules, featuring two cutting-edge solutions, Holovox and Fan engagement. Holovox is a remote voice-over solution that enables users to add one- or multi-language voice-over streams to live shows from anywhere with an internet connection. Its cloud-based platform allows users to manage teams, control live audio and video streams, and even incorporate live translations and sign language insertions seamlessly.

Holovox has already been successfully used for various events, including sports competitions such as
ice hockey, football, volleyball, swimming, triathlon, biathlon, field hockey, basketball, handball, rugby, badminton, and tennis. Additionally, it has been used for conferences to provide live translations
and sign language support.

Fan engagement enables real-time gamification and monetization of audiences. Integrated with Holovox,
it allows sportscasters to entertain viewers by creating interactive games within the live broadcast,
leading to a unique fan experience. It also provides opportunities for direct audience monetization through transactions and sponsorships, generates innovative ad inventory, encourages competition among fans for prizes, and fosters closer engagement with the action.

By leveraging these two solutions, BCE streamlines voice-over production, enabling sportscasters to seamlessly transition between different events while ensuring viewer engagement through live gamification, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

BCE's Media-as-a-Service solutions will continuously evolve to meet market demands, offering solutions and services that cater to the unique needs of customers, allowing them to effortlessly upgrade to the right solutions or services for their projects and targets.

Visit BCE at stand 8.B57 during the IBC tradeshow to witness live demonstrations of the Holovox and Fan engagement solutions among others in content management, distribution, and exchange. BCE's experts will be present to showcase the Media-as-a-Service offer and the game-changing remote production solutions that simplify workflows, facilitate content creation, and engage audiences like never before.


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BCE to introduce its Media-as-a-Service offer at IBC2023