BCE Congratulates Sport Buff for Their Innovation Award at IBC2023

  • 19 September, 2023


NED: BCE, a leading global media services company, extends its warmest congratulations to Sport Buff
for receiving the prestigious Innovation Award in the Content Everywhere category at IBC2023.
BCE takes immense pride in celebrating the success of its esteemed partner, Sport Buff.

Sport Buff, a renowned technical provider, played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the way Israel experienced major sporting events, including the World Cup Qatar 2022 and Eurovision 2023, through their real-time interactive engagement platform. Their innovative contributions garnered well-deserved recognition
at IBC2023.

The IBC2023 Innovation Awards represent a platform that celebrates visionary initiatives reshaping the landscape of the media industry. These awards honor collaborative endeavors that address real-world challenges with fresh and groundbreaking solutions. The winners were unveiled at an exclusive event
held in the IBC Premium Lounge.

Sport Buff's partnership with KAN, the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, resulted in a significant transformation in how audiences in Israel engaged with the World Cup Qatar 2022 and Eurovision 2023. Sport Buff's real-time interactive engagement platform seamlessly integrated with KAN's broadcast, offering viewers tailored content and an immersive digital experience.

KAN harnessed Sport Buff's technology during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, enabling viewers to access match content irrespective of their location. This integration also facilitated direct communication between KAN's digital department editors and TV commentators. Editors provided real-time data from quizzes, enhancing the commentary and fan engagement during critical in-game decisions, such as penalties
and red cards.

Sport Buff's platform enriched viewers' experiences with on-screen graphics, interactive posts, polls, and quizzes, enhancing their understanding and enjoyment of sporting events. Leveraging a scalable platform powered by AWS and developed by Ensono Digital, Sport Buff's technology brought an entirely new dimension to broadcasting.

Benn Achilleas, CEO of Sport Buff, expressed his gratitude, saying: "What we have provided is a total solution, and it's a testament to the broadcaster and their teams being able to share our vision, and their teams being able to take it to the next level. There are so many things we've learned from how they use it, and now it's about how we take this further, across all of their content and all of their audience."
Frederic Fievez, CSO of BCE, stated: "We congratulate our new partner, Sport Buff, for this award. Innovation is in the roots of BCE and has always paved the way for our developments. We are glad to
share this value with our partner and eagerly anticipate advancing together in the new media world."

BCE remains dedicated to nurturing creative advancements and pushing the boundaries of media services, and we are excited to continue our journey alongside Sport Buff in this rapidly evolving landscape.


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BCE Congratulates Sport Buff for Their Innovation Award at IBC2023