Avid Expands MediaCentral Integration

  • 20 August, 2021


USA: In its continued drive for openness in television news operations, Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID) has announced the integration of its MediaCentral® content platform with CGI’s OpenMedia, a complete solution for journalistic workflows. With integration now available for the industry’s leading newsroom computer systems (NRCS) - also including AP ENPS and Octopus - MediaCentral empowers more production teams around the world to enhance their news content creation workflows.

Support for additional third-party NRCS ensures production teams can access the full power of MediaCentral including the ability to collaborate remotely, accelerate workflows and produce content faster for all outlets without having to change their newsroom system. Teams immediately can become more efficient and productive by supplementing the systems they already use on a daily basis. MediaCentral’s ultra-fast search functionality lets teams find the content for stories they need when they need it and use the Media Composer video editing tool to produce content without leaving the NRCS interface. Multiplatform distribution capabilities enable them to get stories to followers and viewers faster than before - all while providing access to an end-to-end newsroom solution that enhances operations and can scale as content demand continues to grow.

“Avid’s innovation strategy for newsrooms centers on driving more openness to help customers get more performance out of their infrastructure. By opening up MediaCentral to a wider range of newsrooms, we’re bringing the platform’s extensive capabilities right to journalists’ fingertips,” said Raul Alba, Director of Product Management, Avid pictured. “They can get started straight away - without extensive training, loss of productivity, or any complications associated with deploying a new NRCS - and gain the ability to create better content faster directly within the systems they already rely on.”

“Integrating OpenMedia into the MediaCentral platform enables editorial teams to unify their news planning and production workflow with Avid’s state-of-the-art production platform for a seamless end-to-end user experience,” said Michael Pfitzner, Vice President of Newsroom Solutions at CGI.

Watch the video to learn more about Avid’s newsroom computer system integrations with MediaCentral. MediaCentral can now be licensed through a subscription model, enabling broadcasters and other media organizations to more easily respond to changing production needs.

For more information on MediaCentral, visit: www.avid.com/products/mediacentral


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Avid Expands MediaCentral Integration