Atomos & Nextorage unveil Nextorage AtomX SSDmini

  • 16 November, 2021


AUS: Atomos and Nextorage have announced a new partnership centered on the latest generation of Nextorage AtomX SSDmini. They have been designed specifically to maximize performance and reliability for Atomos recorder devices. Purpose built from the ground up, the engineering teams from both companies have considered every detail to create a drive that will meet the needs of the most demanding productions. The Nextorage AtomX SSDmini represent the gold standard in performance and reliability, to provide a recording solution that can be relied on with absolute confidence.

To fit the compact media slot of the NINJA V and NINJA V+ and the NEON series products, the Nextorage AtomX SSDmini are 20% smaller than conventional 2.5” SSDs. With the optional handle they can be adapted for use with the SUMO 19, NINJA CAST and SHOGUN Studio 2 too. The housing is constructed from die-cast aluminium. It is shock resistant (up to 1500G/0.5ms), able to survive extreme temperatures and has been designed to dissipate heat during operational use so that it doesn’t fry when a take runs long. The reinforced, durable connector has been insert tested over 3000 times to ensure that it can stand up to the rigours of daily use on set. For the filmmaker that’s convinced the drive is taking a beating, the Nextorage AtomX SSDmini fully supports SMART data, allowing future AtomOS drive health monitoring.

The firmware of Nextorage AtomX SSDmini has also been tuned to support sustained transfer rates required by modern formats (550MB/s read and 500MB/s write). A level of performance that means the drives have been certified for all the formats currently supported by Atomos recorders, including Apple ProRes RAW HQ 8K at 30fps and 4K at 120fps to accommodate different file sizes and suit different types of production, the drives are available in two sizes, 500GB and 1TB.

Nextorage and Atomos understand how critical reliable drives are and so Nextorage is providing a reassuring 3-year-warranty for the AtomX SSDmini. No registration required.

As a further statement of intent, Nextorage have also taken steps to reduce environmental impacts around the packaging of the Nextorage AtomX SSDmini by eliminating all plastic materials and reducing the number of items contained in the box.

“We are very pleased that Nextorage SSDmini products will be released under the AtomX brand accessories. For the content creation market, where high quality and high image quality are required, we will continue to pursue the best possible performance and the best quality for video recording media designed in combination with Atomos products and provide SSD media that customers can always use with complete peace of mind and trust.” - Katsuyuki Honda, President and CEO, Nextorage Corporation.

“Nextorage responded to our product requirements, have a deep understanding of our technology, and enabled us to deliver a solution of the highest possible quality. We are incredibly proud of that collaboration and excited to introduce the Nextorage AtomX SSDmini today.” - Estelle McGechie pictured, CEO, Atomos.
Learn more about the Nextorage AtomX SSDmini on the Atomos website.

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Atomos & Nextorage unveil Nextorage AtomX SSDmini