ATLinkage Elevates Event Production Communications

  • 15 February, 2024


Adding Riedel Communications’ Bolero Wireless Intercom to Rental Portfolio.

GER: Riedel Communications announces that Japan’s ATLinkage, a provider of video production and distribution solutions for large-scale live venues, is enhancing and expanding its rental portfolio with the addition of Riedel’s Bolero wireless intercom system. The Bolero system allows ATLinkage to deliver flexible communications solutions that not only improve range and sound quality, but also support a greater number of connections - all essential for reliable communications across expansive sports
and entertainment facilities.

“While Bolero's wide antenna coverage area and beltpack battery life match the requirements of concert tours, the ease of installation when operating the Bolero has also led many of our customers to order rental equipment,” said Tsukasa Ishii, Video Engineer at ATLinkage. “The fact that up to 10 beltpacks can be connected to one antenna - with the option to add antennas and install wherever necessary - not only makes it easy to configure the equipment, but also provides total scalability and coverage for large venues. Overall, Bolero has become an indispensable asset in delivering exceptional experiences at every event we undertake, helping us reinforce our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and enhancing the overall efficiency of our operations.”

ATLinkage is providing equipment rentals and support for 70 Bolero beltpacks and 14 antennas, as well as Riedel’s NSA-002A Network Stream Adapter and other products. The company’s on-site team has already deployed Bolero antennas and beltpacks to support live event production at renowned stadiums and concert halls including the Tokyo Dome, Kyocera Dome Osaka, the Japan National Stadium,
Pia Arena MM, Makuhari Messe, and Saitama Super Arena.

Bolero’s scalability, supporting up to 60 units in a single system, and its ability to integrate with both wired and wireless setups make it a versatile solution capable of addressing the dynamic demands of live event production. The wireless intercom system’s wide antenna coverage and extended 18-hour beltpack battery life make it a preferred choice for concert tours, providing unparalleled flexibility and performance. With a waterproof and dustproof design, Bolero also ensures resilience in various operational conditions.

Bolero redefines seamless communication in challenging radio wave environments, thanks to its 1.9-GHz DECT band, which ensures crystal-clear sound quality and reduces the likelihood of interference with other wireless broadcasting equipment, such as drones or the venue’s permanent Wi-Fi.

“We are delighted to join forces with ATLinkage, a company that shares our dedication to advancing communication through the fusion of art and technology,” said Guillaume Mauffrey, Director Sales Asia
at Riedel Communications
. “Thanks to its reliability and versatility in complex environments, the Bolero system aligns well with ATLinkage's goal of enhancing the efficiency of event productions across Japan.”

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ATLinkage Elevates Event Production Communications