Ateme Selected for Hubei TV’s Master Control Room Resource Pool

  • 14 December, 2023


Introducing a flexible hardware allocation model, the Ateme solution brings unprecedented efficiency
to Hubei TV station’s broadcasting operations.


FRA: Ateme, a global leader in video compression, delivery, and streaming solutions with innovation at
its core, announces that Chinese TV station Hubei TV chose Ateme’s TITAN encoding and transcoding solutions for its Master Control Room (MCR) resource pool project.

Hubei TV faces the daily challenge of managing a variety of signals from numerous studios.
Ateme’s solution for the MCR resource pool project enables efficient encoding and transcoding
of 4K and HD channels into different bitrates for diverse destinations.

Beyond any-input and any-ouput flexibility, the MCR resource pool also introduces a flexible hardware allocation model, ensuring optimized functionality and significant cost savings for Hubei TV station.
This innovative approach allows the station to allocate licenses to different hardware resources
in various locations, eliminating the need for constant server transportation, thereby reducing
operational costs.

“The last few years have been tough for the broadcast industry,” said Xiao Zhang, Sales Director at Ateme. “Competition is intensifying and it’s essential to have lean operations. We are excited to support Hubei
in implementing their innovative MCR resource pool, addressing the dynamic needs
of the broadcast industry.”

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Ateme Selected for Hubei TV’s Master Control Room Resource Pool