Ateme Powers Foxtel’s Global Content Acquisition for the Australian TV Market

  • 07 August, 2023


FRA: Ateme, a global leader in video compression, delivery, and streaming solutions with innovation at its core, and Foxtel, the largest pay TV provider in Australia, announce the deployment of a standards conversion service enabling Australians to enjoy TV content from around the world. The Foxtel-owned service, based on Ateme’s content acquisition and distribution solutions through the TITAN suite,
acquires content from around the world and converts it to Australian TV standards nationwide
via two data centers in Sydney.

The fully IP-enabled platform is based on dual-site redundancy and offers the ability to ingest any channel to simultaneously produce multiple streams in real-time, enable closed captioning, and deliver live video compression for the converged head-end for broadcast, DTH, and OTT. The scalable software-centered content acquisition and distribution solutions feed both Foxtel’s own and other TV services in Australia and leverage Ateme’s continuous research and innovation in video quality, allowing for evolution as new video standards are adopted by the industry.

“Acquiring international content and converting it to local standards can be a complex undertaking, given the varying video standards used worldwide, and different frame rates and resolutions add to the complexity,” said Matthew Carter, Head of Broadcast Engineering and Projects at Foxtel. “We needed a solution that would simplify the task and facilitate closed captioning. Ateme’s full-IP solution met these needs, making our workflow simple, efficient, and scalable, while ensuring business continuity. It was a pleasure to work with their local team to deploy our future-proof content acquisition and distribution service.”

“With increasing competition for viewers, serving the right content is essential,” said Ramesh De Silva, Sales Director, Oceania, at Ateme. “We are excited to continue our development in Australia and are honored to have collaborated with Foxtel to enable a global content offering to Australian viewers.
We will continuously support Foxtel in its holistic digital transformation to sustain its leadership
in the Australian market.”

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Ateme Powers Foxtel’s Global Content Acquisition for the Australian TV Market