Appear Intros New X Platform features

  • 03 March, 2021


NOR: Appear recently upgraded the X10 and X20 with a number of exciting new features and functionalities. David Mitchinson, Appear's Solution Manager, provides highlights on how these features reinforce the X Platform's position as the most feature rich and powerful video appliance on the market.

Appear introduce the new IPx210 module that offers software-defined flexibility and high service density at up to UHD resolution. It provides advanced JPEG XS support with ST-2110 input or output interfaces.

X Platform modules offer software defined features, and until recently changing an image required this to be pushed to the chassis over a network. Appear’s new Software image store feature makes it possible to store several images within the chassis. This makes it fast and easy to change functionality and enjoy the true flexibility the X Platform offers with minimum downtime and without burdening your network.

The Network extension through port data tunnelling is also now available to connect additional equipment without the expense and inconvenience of adding a router.

The X Platform is often deployed at remote locations, especially where networks and the responsibility for managing them converge. For these reasons, the X Platform has always offered an increasing and outstanding monitoring and reporting capability which the new PCAP feature enhances.

This feature enables you to select any network-facing port within the chassis and send back a short PCAP recording of the network traffic for detailed analysis. The recording can be triggered via the GUI or via API and brings a new level of diagnostic capability which Telco and larger broadcast customers should find extremely useful.

In addition, Appear announce further support for the Prometheus API on X Platform which enables a Prometheus server to securely scrape the chassis for alarms and other real-time status information. The information can be richly presented using an open source analytics application such as Grafana to create a very powerful monitoring solution for both large and smaller installations with minimal cost.

New JPEG XS input and output
Appear enables the full potential of JPEG XS with the X Platform, by supporting SD to UHD resolutions with UHD transparent HDR support, Dolby E safe mode, frame sync and a choice of XS encapsulation options (ST-2110 or MPEG TS). A JPEG XS image is also available for the existing SDI gateway modules (SLx100 and SLx110) and for the new IPx210 module if uncompressed IP hand-off is preferred.

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Appear Intros New X Platform features