Angénieux unveils new Optimo Ultra Compact Lenses

  • 23 September, 2021


FRA/USA: After an announcement at the Cannes Film Festival last July, Angénieux has unveiled the first 37-102mm Full Frame Optimo Ultra Compact Zoom of a series of two. These compact lenses, also including a 21-56mm lens, will be the perfect companions to the Optimo Ultra 12X and the Optimo Prime series to create a complete Angénieux high-end Full Frame solution.

The 37-102mm lens was just presented for the first time in the world by Band Pro Film & Digital Inc, the exclusive partner for Angénieux lenses in the Americas, during a special event at New York’s Peninsula Hotel. A second presentation event will take place in Los Angeles on September 29, 2021.

From left to right: Clément Mondesert, Optimo Ultra Compact Project Manager, Christophe Remontet, Managing Director, Cinema Optics, Severine Serrano, Managing Director, Sales & Marketing, Angénieux International, the day the lens left the factory with Jean-Marc Bouchut, Angénieux Senior Product Manager at Band Pro Film & Digital, to be presented in New York.

The new Full Frame series of Optimo high-end compact zoom lenses is the result of decades of proven expertise in high precision optics and mechanics dedicated to cinema. The 37-102 & the 21-56 are the direct descendants of the iconic and Academy awarded Optimo 15-40 and 28-76 lenses, which have been the faithful companions of Directors of Photography for more than 15 years. Step by step, they will replace them on movie sets.

Optimo Ultra Compact lens on Sony camera at Band Pro’s event.

This new generation of high-end lenses is fully designed for the FF/VV format. Lightweight and compact, these lenses are among the lightest on the market. Thought for cinema users, the Optimo Ultra Compact lenses are the perfect addition to the Angénieux high-end Full Frame collection which already included the Optimo Ultra 12X and the Optimo Prime Series. They will seduce by their ergonomics, their superb optical quality from T2.9 (in FF/VV), including the famous Angénieux look and their high-precision mechanics. Image quality is consistent from T2.9 to T22 and at every focal length and focus distance. The iris is also capable of closing completely. The balance of contrast, color and resolution offers an appealing cinematic look.

The new compact lenses will coexist with the extremely popular Type-EZ lenses - which were among the first Full Frame zooms and have been a huge commercial success - on two different segments of the market. The Optimo Ultra Compact lenses will join the Optimo Ultra 12X and the Optimo Prime series on high profile productions while the Type-EZ lenses will continue to be the preferred lens for a huge variety of projects and applications in Full Frame.

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Angénieux unveils new Optimo Ultra Compact Lenses