Al Aan TV trusts VSN to manage its news production workflow

  • 11 May, 2023


ESP: Al Aan TV trusts VSN's media solutions to control and manage its news production workflow.
The Emirati broadcaster was looking for a flexible solution that could be integrated with the existing environment in its facilities. Thanks to its capabilities to work with third-party systems, the VSNExplorer suite has become the core of these operations at Al Aan TV, thanks to the installation of the VSNExplorer MAM and VSNExplorer PAM modules, together with the NRCS plugin VSN NewsConnect, VSNOne TV and VSNLivecom.

A flexible solution for Al Aan TV
Al Aan TV was looking for a MAM and PAM solution that could orchestrate the workflow of its news production and, at the same time, was compatible with the systems that comprise the channel's environment, composed by AVID iNews, Telestream's transcoding engines, and the SGL archiving system. After a first contact through our website, Al Aan TV verified how the VSNExplorer suite and the rest of the media solutions were perfectly integrated into the workflow, thanks to their flexibility and scalability.

VSN at the core of Al Aan TV news production
Currently, Al Aan TV performs its entire news production and editing workflow with VSN. VSNExplorer is the central orchestration platform with its modules VSNExplorer MAM, VSNExplorer PAM, and the VSN NewsConnect plug-in that works integrated with Avid INews. The entire flow is managed from VSN systems, from ingest, where VSNOneTV servers are used, through metadata enrichment, proxy editing, transcoding, and archiving of all media. Also, with this solution, Al Aan TV incorporates the automation of content distribution to platforms and social networks into its workflow. 

In parallel to these processes, VSN's systems also participate in the broadcast workflow by taking care of the in-studio playout with VSNLivecom, which works via integration with the NRCS system and the rest of Al Aan TV's news production systems.

A cost-effective solution for the Emirati broadcaster
VSN's solution adapted to Al Aan TV's requirements regarding flexibility, remote working and cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, the channel valued the customer service offered by the company and the possibility of reducing its infrastructure ownership costs.

As a result, Al Aan TV incorporates a MAM system that allows greater flexibility to integrate with other third-party systems, a more cost-effective solution, and expanded support services. Not only that, but it benefits from a MAM system that brings greater archiving efficiency with rich, structured metadata to archive, preserve and retrieve their media quickly and efficiently.

"We are proud that Al Aan TV has trusted us for its news production. The sales process was smooth, as from the very first moment we saw that VSN's solutions fit like a glove to the Emirati broadcaster's needs. This is yet proof of the extraordinary work of our team and that we must continue walking this path
to keep expanding in this region,” - Aitor Falcó, EMEA Sales Manager.

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Al Aan TV trusts VSN to manage its news production workflow