Agama & Altibox TV extend current partnership

  • 26 March, 2021


SWE: Agama Technologies, the specialist in video service quality and customer experience, has announced that Altibox, part of Norway’s Lyse Group, has extended its Agama monitoring solution to include support for OTT companion devices. Agama’s solutions are now responsible for all monitoring, analytics and assurance across all types of devices.

Altibox, a leading TV and Internet provider in Norway and Denmark, chose Agama's STB Client Device Monitoring (CDM) solution to benefit from its enhanced real-time information on service quality, viewer behavior and device health. In addition to customers’ first-screen STB devices, Altibox chose Agama’s solution to be deployed on all second-screen OTT devices as well. This provides a more complete view of its video and Internet service quality and performance. 

The Agama CDM solution provides detailed high-resolution, real-time information on video service quality and viewer experience, as well as a module that provides customer data that is suitable for use in customer care applications. By using the Agama CDM, Altibox integrates a robust and powerful device monitoring and analytics solution into its service delivery. The solution enables a better understanding of service performance and customer experience for each and every subscriber, whether at home or on the go.

“We believe that the Agama solution provides us valuable insight needed to continuously improve our service, and at the same time ensuring the best possible user experience for our customers. By expanding our current Agama solution to also cover OTT devices it will enable us to monitor our service quality from any content source to any end-user client in one aggregated view”, explained Petter Røisland, Head of TV Tech at Altibox.

“We are confident that our CDM solution will further help Altibox to have a holistic view of the performance and quality of its video and Internet services, both on STB and OTT devices”, added Mikael Dahlgren, CEO of Agama Technologies. “ We have a strong partnership with Altibox and we are happy to see that our solution is having a positive impact on its business. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Altibox and contributing to its continuing success. 

The Agama Client Device Monitoring and Analytics solution has a proven scalability across millions of devices. It supports all modern delivery technologies and can be used in OTT, IPTV, cable and hybrid deployments. Agama’s dashboards, alarming, correlation and analytics applications help operations and development teams to efficiently operate and improve their video services. 

With unique analytics, visualisation and integration capabilities, Agama enables video service providers to implement a data-driven way of working across departments and workflows. The Agama solution empowers operations, product management, marketing and customer-facing teams with awareness and insights that drive customer satisfaction, lower operational costs and increase agility.

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Agama & Altibox TV extend current partnership