AEQ returns in person to IBC2022

  • 12 August, 2022


ESP: AEQ will present its new solutions at the IBC2022 global exhibition to be held in Amsterdam
from 9 to 12 September on stand 8.C55.

Three pieces of equipment will be especially valued by the attendees, the ATRIUM console,
the XPEAK intercom and the TALENT audiocodec. 

ATRIUM: Digital IP Audio Console for radio and TV broadcast and production
Manage up to 1000 channels of local or IP audio controllable through one or more surfaces, each with up to 90+ motorized and pageable faders.

It presents a great simplicity of operation through a powerful set of touch screens, encoders, indicators and keys, which are pre-configured depending on the needs. The new X_CORE engine that ATRIUM incorporates can be safely drive and service up to 6 consoles. Accepts and delivers audio in the most varied formats used in audio and television production today.

In addition, it has memories for storage and instant recovery of scenes, and processes. Assisted mixing with autogain and automix functions, avoids the need for intensive and precise handling of the faders. It incorporates a wide set of audio processing functions. On the other hand, there is a virtual console application on PC for remote control and easy maintenance.

XPEAK: A matrix-less Intercom System ready for remote production
XPEAK supports up to 28 user terminals in different formats: desktop, rack, wired belt-pack, wireless belt-pack, and PC application. All terminals interconnect with maximum operational flexibility and without the need for a matrix.

XPEAK interconnectivity is very simple even if the devices are on different locations. It is only required that the devices have access through the Internet. This makes it very easy to set up for the coordination of remote productions. 

Its wired user terminals have Bluetooth and USB connections, admitting all types of headsets (headphone/microphone combinations) with these interfaces and facilitating connection with smartphones and PCs.

TALENT: Ultra-compact IP AudioCodec for personal use
TALENT provides connectivity for professional microphones and headphones for the host or guests of a program, from home or anywhere.

It provides extra useful features such as adding a stereo signal to the microphone from an external connector and a Bluetooth connection, which allows you to broadcast and comment on concerts, sports or other events, or play audio lists from a phone or PC, and present them.

It also allows conventional telephone interviews or, through applications such as Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom and others. To send the audio to the station, you can use a home Internet connection, or a 3G/4G/5G wireless data connection. And if there is no IP connection, through the Bluetooth channel and a smartphone, you can reach the studio PC to insert the audio into the program.

Visit AEQ at IBC2022, Hall 8, Stand #C55, 9-12 September, at the RAI Amsterdam.

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AEQ returns in person to IBC2022