AEQ adds Talkback to NETBOX Routers

  • 13 December, 2021


ESP: NETBOX 32AD MX is an audio matrix with 64 analogue, digital and IP inputs and outputs. NETBOX DSP has between 64 and 160 inputs and outputs, all of them IP.

These units respond to the concept of Mixed Routing, in which audio over IP is used, over the AES67 or Dante protocol to simplify wiring and facilitate transport to a router that has, among other things, IP inputs and outputs, and is equipped with features for high-level audio routing and processing: Logical line grouping, salvos, macros, agenda, silence detection, time scheduling, level meters, signal generator, audio mixing and processing, IP transport of GPIOs, and multiplex group management, among others.

All managed through a multi-post and multi-user application, based on customized views to control one or more local or remote audio matrices for different uses in radio, television and sound systems.

For its use in radio, giving way to several correspondents, and in television, operating remote intercom, the Talkback or MPX function has been developed.

A ‘Talkback’ group is a combination of input and output lines that allows to automatically execute an N-1 routing between these lines.

But to facilitate the work, an additional keypad has been created to the XY screen of the matrix. The coordinator listens to correspondents at will using the PFL buttons.

He integrates each correspondent to the programme, and at the same time joins him to the talkback group, by means of the Mute OFF buttons (Active in yellow).

He speaks to each or all correspondents, using the TALK buttons. While he speaks, the reception of the N-1 from the other correspondents is eliminated or attenuated by 20 dB each.

When a Talkback is created, the inputs, outputs, and crossover points involved are cleared or cleared. The gains of all Talkback related crossover points are set to 0 dB.

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AEQ adds Talkback to NETBOX Routers