ADN partners with Amagi to connect with anime enthusiasts

  • 30 July, 2021


UK: Amagi, a global leader in SaaS for broadcast and streaming TV on the cloud, has announced that it is working with Anime Digital Network (ADN) for the playout and distribution of ADN’s new French anime channel to Samsung TV Plus. By tapping into its vast network of Free Ad Supported Television (FAST) platform partnerships, Amagi will also create a delivery strategy for ADN to further increase the channel’s reach.

Anime Digital Network (ADN) is a leading subscription-based video-on-demand and OTT platform exclusively dedicated to anime and manga. It offers a wide variety of French and Japanese animation series and has over 10,000 episodes and films adapted from the most popular manga. ADN’s unique subscription model and rich catalogue serve as major differentiators.

In addition to Amagi CLOUDPORT for channel creation and playout, ADN will also deploy Amagi LIVE, a UHD ready, cloud-based live orchestration platform for broadcasting live events. Amagi ON-DEMAND, an orchestration platform for Video on Demand (VOD) delivery, will deliver ADN’s VOD assets to a multitude of OTT and vMVPD platforms in the future. Amagi will also support ADN’s monetization efforts through Amagi THUNDERSTORM, an automated ad detection and OTT dynamic ad insertion platform.

“We were impressed by the deep technical capabilities that Amagi’s cloud solutions provided and the reach that Amagi offered through its global FAST platform partnerships,” said Julien Lemoine, CEO, ADN. “Amagi’s local presence in France was a bonus. We are confident that the full suite of technology solutions offered to us by Amagi will help us make inroads into our target segments.”

“Amagi’s unified cloud solutions make channel creation and playout simple and quickly scalable to content creators. Adding our growing platform partnerships to our existing advanced cloud-based technology offerings further amplifies the possibility of the channel’s success”, said Srinivasan KA, co-founder, Amagi pictured. "We are excited that ADN employed our cloud-architected products to make high-definition anime content easily accessible to French viewers.”

Overall, Amagi manages 500+ channels, with deliveries in more than 40 countries. The company supports more than 250 streaming TV channels across sports, news, entertainment, kids, lifestyle, music and other genres. The company has a state-of-the-art cloud broadcast operations center that can support 1000+ live linear channels. Amagi clients include A+E Networks UK, beIN Sports, CuriosityStream, Discovery Networks, Fox Networks, Freemantle, IMG, Insight TV, People TV, Pac-12 Networks, Tastemade, Tegna, VENN, Vice Media, and Warner Media, among others.

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ADN partners with Amagi to connect with anime enthusiasts