Actus Digital Optimizes OTA & OTT Monitoring Solution

  • 16 September, 2021


Actus OTT Synchro organizes all ABR renditions, clearly indicating those with issues, while Actus Delivery Synchro pinpoints where in the chain issues are introduced.

USA: Actus Digital, a leading provider of QA monitoring and compliance logging solutions, has announced a new version of its intelligent media monitoring platform. The next generation of Actus Digital's platform offers simplified but sophisticated tools for multi-viewer monitoring and quality assurance of multi-rendition OTT streams and over-the-air linear content at multi probe points in the video delivery chain. The new platform will be demonstrated during online events, including NAB Amplify, the virtual event held in place of the 2021 NAB Show.

"Media and entertainment companies lose revenue when quality issues disrupt a viewer's OTT experience, which makes maintaining quality across all devices paramount," said Ken Rubin, Senior Vice President at Actus Digital pictured. "For more than 16 years we have consistently enhanced our platform, but this year's new features introduce unique benefits that place Actus Digital in a class of its own."

An extremely low cost of entry for the ultra-reliable core quality assurance monitoring and compliance logging features makes Actus Digital the M&E market value leader for engineering, while advanced options offer extended benefits for news, sales, and many other use cases.

The value of online video for broadcasters and business enterprises means that viewer churn caused by audio-video quality issues can result in loss of revenue and market share. Actus Digital offers a solution with its new Actus OTT Synchro and Actus Delivery Synchro:

  • Actus OTT Synchro simplifies OTT monitoring with organized multi-rendition visibility. The Actus OTT Synchro platform efficiently organizes many ABR renditions, providing immediate notification of quality issues as well as multi-viewer identification of those affected renditions. 
  • Actus Delivery Synchro identifies the locations where quality is impacted in the delivery chain and immediately alerts engineers, enabling them to quickly pinpoint and resolve issues.

In addition, at NAB Amplify, Actus Digital will showcase enhancements and expanded workflows for its platform, including:

  • Content Repurposing: Actus Clip Factory PRO enables advanced editing and automated clip stitching, with publishing to social media and digital platforms. Live clipping and rules-based workflows allow quick publishing using fewer human resources. 
  • Content Matching: Actus AdWatch matches commercials and content from a database against multiple channels with automatic filtering and report generation, including prioritized sales lead lists and live, real-time, zero-run reports. Integration of importable/customizable metadata expands its application for unique use cases. 
  • Light MAM Workflows: Actus L-MAM provides many of the tools typically only offered in an expensive MAM system, including ingest, archive, metadata integration, content management, automated transcoding, and publishing.
  • AI Integration: Actus Digital's platform offers seamless integration with AI partners, enabling advanced AI-based workflows and automation use cases.

See Actus Digital in Action

Actus Digital will demonstrate its platform virtually at NAB Amplify, with no appointment needed.

Visit the Actus Monitoring and More link between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST, Oct. 11 and 12, to see Actus Digital's online booth and connect digitally with experts.

Additionally, Actus Digital will host private, pre- and post-NAB Amplify demonstrations for customers online and onsite at customer facilities by request.

To make an appointment or learn more about Actus Digital's NAB Amplify and other demonstration options, please visit:

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Actus Digital Optimizes OTA & OTT Monitoring Solution