Actus Digital Highlights for NAB NY 2023

  • 19 October, 2023


USA: At NAB NY 2023, Actus Digital, the leading compliance logging and intelligent monitoring platform, will showcase its comprehensive product range and latest innovations. This includes a new browser-based multiviewer with enhanced penalty box and monitoring-by-exception features, as well as new OTT monitoring capabilities and advanced content monitoring with AI-driven video and audio analysis.
The solution is adaptable for on-premises, cloud, VM, or hybrid configurations, and supports a wide
array of industry standards, including TSoIP, SDI, ASI, SMPTE 2110, HLS, SRT, and more.

A standout feature at NAB NY 2023 is Actus Digital’s revolutionary OTT Monitoring solution,
OTT StreamWatch. This state-of-the-art platform not only guarantees around-the-clock quality assurance but also integrates compliance logging, thorough OTT stream monitoring, and aircheck recording for native HLS and other OTT ABR streams. It’s adaptable for standalone deployment or seamless integration into the Actus Intelligent Monitoring Platform, offering customers a centralized interface for enhanced convenience.

Actus understands the hurdles broadcasters encounter, extending beyond technical monitoring to the management of extensive media content. The platform offers essential AI-driven features that greatly boost efficiency, accuracy, and insight extraction from audio and video data. Actus Digital’s AI-powered broadcast monitoring provides broadcasters with information on all audio and video content, automated alerts, and a holistic view of channels, eliminating the need for manual checks. The platform further streamlines information distribution through advanced editing and export options, personalized metadata, and automated translations, facilitating quick and informed decision-making for broadcasters.

Another highlight at NAB NY 2023 is Remote Video Monitoring (RVM) within the Actus Intelligent Monitoring Platform. Designed as a quality assurance solution for multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs), Actus RVM enables MVPDs to troubleshoot audio and video issues in real time, verify timing and accuracy of regional ad-insertion, and to access hundreds of post-Set Top Box channels across geographically dispersed headends and hub sites.

“NAB Show New York is one of the key exhibitions for us,” explained Actus SVP, Ken Rubin. “The show serves as an essential platform, enabling us to showcase our innovations, meet our large customer base in the US, hear from our customers about future transformations and needs, for us to be able to adopt these in our coming versions. NAB also allows us to connect with industry leaders and stay at the forefront of the media and entertainment landscape.”

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Actus Digital Highlights for NAB NY 2023