mediaClass Unveils New AI-Powered Recommendation Engine


BGR: mediaClass has launched its own developed AI-based recommendation engine.
“We have been testing and measuring the success rate of the engine for some time,” said Stilian Tchlakov, CTO, mediaClass. "For this release we have settled on two operator-selectable modes, both of which offer excellent results." 
"Without giving too much away technically, mode one is based on AI analysis of personal preferences and searches; mode two is based on studying and machine learning the watching-behaviour of hundreds of thousands of anonymous subscribers,” added Youri Kalinov, Head of Research and Development, mediaClass. "The mediaClass AI Recommendation Engine uses state-of-the-art technology from Liberate AI to predict and deliver viewer-specific television content recommendations. This is a step change from what has been possible in the past."
“Judging from the measurement results I have seen, the Liberate AI machine learning technology certainly gives us a significant edge," said mediaClass EVP Manelli Hosseini. "We will be providing the engine as an integral part all mediaClass deployments. We now have to decide whether to market the recommendation engine as a standalone package to offer its advantages for non-mediaClass deployments.”
Photo: A functional overview of the new mediaClass OTT Backend Recommendation Engine.
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