mediaClass Sees Increased Demand For OTT And IPTV Services


BGR: mediaClass has reported a sustained growth in demand for subscription-based services offering video content directly to connected viewers. 
Bypassing traditional broadcast and satellite platforms, OTT services are typically streamed over the top, i.e. over any internet connection rather than a proprietary network.
"Given the rapid changes in product offerings and market trends, the choice of OTT and streaming technology is absolutely key," said Manelli Hosseini, EVP, mediaClass (pictured). "The established OTT middleware products on the market are incremental improvements and add-ons to older IPTV-based systems. This leaves them with a heavy footprint requiring massive servers which are inefficient and inflexible.
"Using our detailed knowledge and long experience of TV services to develop a modern, agile architecture and approach, we invested heavily to develop a full product range from scratch. The key parameters for our customer-centric view were to speed up deployment and enable a low-cost legacy IPTV path for service providers and telcos who want to move to a world-class offer which is disruptively affordable. We have developed our own software modules for functions including a content management system, digital rights management and AI recommendation engines as well as CDN and mobile clients."
Hosseini continued: "The mediaClass engagement model is based on an initial fixed fee which includes all deployment and integration with the option of yearly maintenance and support. Having our own modules means we do not need to charge a licence fee per user, or per STB or per mobile client. 2019 saw the introduction of our new multi-DRM module. Initial DRMs supported are Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady and Apple FairPlay. Our OTT/IPTV multiscreen software already integrates with the usual multi-DRM solutions but now includes a zero-extra-cost multi-DRM option."
Last year, mediaClass announced that it is developing DAIClass dynamic ad insertion for linear channels as an option into its end-to-end OTT multiscreen platform. This allows service providers to target ads on live streams for specific regions or even individual users. The company also announced Broadcast-Pro, a new version of its end-to-end IPTV/OTT multiscreen platform. Broadcast-Pro is designed specifically for broadcasters and content owners looking to launch an independent TV-everywhere service for their customers.
"We have been inundated by requests for an affordable turnkey solution that offers branded mobile apps and web TV for broadcasters," concluded Hosseini. "Besides their usual local market, many often want to reach a global audience. They have a few channels but also tend to have some VOD content and are looking at other monetisation opportunities through advertising. This differs from our usual customers who are telcom/cable operators or service providers looking for a comprehensive multi-tenant solution with advanced services."
"The challenge was to create a complete product package that keeps costs down and offers advanced functionality in a turnkey solution which fits most requirements," said Stilian Tcholakov, CTO, mediaClass. "Having our own multi-DRM solution helps massively reduce ownership and implementation costs."
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