axle ai Powers Media Search For Adobe CC


USA: axle ai has announced a major expansion to its lineup of integrations for the Adobe Creative Cloud applications.
In addition to upgrades to its popular panel for Adobe Premiere Pro, the makers of radically simple remote video search have added new panel integrations for After Effects, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.
The axle ai panels allow users to remotely access and search their media catalogue and import files to projects created in Adobe applications - all within their familiar Adobe app interfaces. The panel set comes standard with axle ai 2020.2, the newest version of axle ai's flagship software. The company will be demonstrating the solution at next week's Adobe MAX worldwide event (free signup at, and at axle ai's Webinar Wednesday events over the next two weeks (free signups at and
axle ai 2020.2 includes:
  • Integrated remote access tools including browser-based search, upload and download
  • Support for a wide range of Adobe Creative Cloud applications and workflows, including Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator and InDesign
  • Integrated speech transcription for video and audio assets, and OCR for photo and document assets, massively improving searchability without labour-intensive tagging
  • Modules supporting multiple professional camera formats and image sequence workflows, increasing axle ai's appeal in the high end of the post production market
Scott Salik, VP of Global Content at marketing company Youngevity, said: "axle's new Premiere panel has really useful new capabilities like integrated transcripts on the timeline and the ability to download high-res and proxy media straight into Premiere. We're excited to be able to integrate this into our remote editorial workflows - it will be an incredible time saver." 
axle ai's new Remote Leap solution, which includes all the software, hardware and services required to set up a full remote workflow for a team of 5 creatives, is priced at $295 per month on a four-year lease with a $1 buyout. The Remote Leap Bundle includes the entire Adobe Creative Cloud integration panel set, four years of remote access support, and 2,000 hours of transcription. Any Mac, Windows or Linux system with 6 or more CPU cores can be used to host the axle server software, which can also be deployed in the cloud for all-remote applications.
"Our flagship video search software, with integrated remote access, has been helping teams maintain their workflows as more and more organizations make the move to remote work during COVID-19. Our new Adobe panels take this one step further, enabling video editors to efficiently and easily collaborate on media projects while working from home," said axle ai CEO Sam Bogoch. "With axle ai, any web browser connects your entire media library to Adobe Creative Cloud."
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