Viaccess-Orca To Demo Audience Measurement


FRA / NED: Viaccess-Orca will showcase its new audience measurement service, VO Audience Measurement Service, integrated with NEOTION CAM, at IBC2017.

Viaccess-Orca's Audience Measurement Service is readily available to TV operators using a NEOTION CAM, embedding a standard Access Control Software (ACS). Fully integrated with Viaccess-Orca's TV Business Analytics suite, the new service will allow pay-TV operators to harness the power of viewership data and ultimately increase their ARPU.

"The latest innovation between Viaccess-Orca and NEOTION addresses the industry's requirements for premium content, security, and data collection," said Olivier Demoly, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at NEOTION. "By partnering with Viaccess-Orca, we are helping operators to gather relevant data about subscribers to make actionable decisions about content and service offerings with the end goal of increasing monetisation."

NEOTION's CAM enables digital TV sets and set-top boxes to decode scrambled TV programs with Viaccess-Orca's Adaptive Sentinel Conditional Access System (CAS). Adaptive Sentinel is a unique dual mode (i.e., card and cardless) CAS that is based on software and hardware security. With VO Audience Measurement Service, Viaccess-Orca allows operators to understand audiences, streamline content marketing and acquisition, and follow bouquets consumption - ultimately creating a more competitive and efficient pay-TV offering.

"The pay-TV landscape is changing and operators face significant challenges in terms of maintaining high revenues and accelerating business growth. Going forward, data will be critical to their success," said Chem Assayag, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales, at Viaccess-Orca. "We're excited to collaborate with NEOTION, our long-standing CAM partner, on this new service. By enabling TV operators to collect and process real-time viewership data in compliance with the most stringent privacy regulations and to extract actionable business insights, including via predictive analytics, Viaccess-Orca is paving the way toward a smarter and safer TV experience. The native integration within ACS ensures the new service can be deployed with no extra integration effort."

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