ViaLite Demos RF Over Fibre Technology


GBR: ViaLite Communications will present the latest RF over fibre products and technology at this year’s IBC show.
At the event, ViaLite will launch its smallest outdoor enclosure to date – the ODE-MINI. This IP65-rated enclosure houses two ViaLiteHD Blue OEM modules, including the company’s C-Band and Ethernet links, and optional SNMP for monitoring and control.
“This is ViaLite’s smallest, most economical and versatile enclosure. We wanted to expand our existing enclosure range to include a simple, basic option. It can also be upgraded with optional extras to suit differing needs,” said John Golding, ViaLite Product Manager. “We saw market opportunities where much smaller enclosures could be easily applied, and it allows for additional links to be easily added to an existing system.”
ViaLite also recently launched its System Designer tool. This enables customers to design RF over fibre systems online; dragging and dropping components, and then reviewing the link budget and performance figures. The tool is ideal for complex system designs requiring DWDM products – a number of which will also be on display by ViaLite on stand 1.A23.
Additional new RF over fibre developments on show will include ViaLite’s Local Integrated GPS Splitter and C-Band RF over fibre link products (purple OEM module and rack chassis card). The C-Band products boast a full operational range of 500 MHz-7.5 GHz, exceeding that of the C-Band range alone (3.4-7.1 GHz), and opening them up for a range of applications.
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