Vecima Unveils New Media Application Platform


USA: MediaScaleX//Storage by Vecima Networks Inc. has taken another step in becoming a cutting-edge Media Application Platform with the latest release of the company’s software-defined, hybrid object storage system. 
Utilising the latest in container technology, MediaScaleX//Storage efficiently hosts high-end video applications including live and on-demand content life-cycle management, Time-shifted TV streaming, Just-in-Time Packaging, Protection and Delivery to any IP device as well as legacy set-top boxes, all powered by a custom, video-optimised data interface.
“Hyper-converging media applications on our Storage infrastructure provide a unique value proposition for our customers,” said Mr. Jim Denenny, SVP Engineering & Technology for Content Delivery and Storage at Vecima. “The strategy takes full advantage of our pre-integrated support for Docker-based applications so operators can seamlessly add advanced new services, streamline data centre resources, and provide a best-in-class experience to end subscribers.” 
The latest innovations in the recently released MediaScaleX//Origin 4.1 software include support for hyper-converged deployment on the MediaScaleX//Storage platform. This new deployment model takes advantage of the greater agility, flexibility and speed of execution that cloud-based microservices provide.
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