VSNExplorer MAM Integrates Teletrax


ESP: Kinetiq and VSN have teamed up to integrate Kinetiq's Teletrax watermarking technology in the VSNExplorer Media Asset Management (MAM) system as part of a common project requirement in order to monitor the usage of delivered content. This objective has been successfully completed thanks to the fruitful collaboration of both companies. 
The companies have implemented watermarking in specific workflows, such as the one in VSNExplorer MAM, designed to distribute files with a watermark and integrate metadata flows seamlessly between the VSN and Teletrax Systems. Additionally, VSN is also working on the implementation of an asset update workflow. This will mean that asset metadata archived in Teletrax can be edited from VSNExplorer, with changes automatically reflected in the Teletrax system. 
"Partnering with and integrating Kinetiq's Teletrax technology has not only been a successful collaboration, but it has also allowed us to get acquainted with the technological vanguard of content watermarking and to further demonstrate the great integrability of VSN's systems.", said Aaron López, COO of VSN.
Kinetiq's Teletrax technology recognizes marks in content on television (cable, satellite, terrestrial) and the internet (social networks, live-streaming) and generates instant reports for content owners who can use the information for several purposes such as contract compliance, competitive analysis and market intelligence. The technology enables edits (each second has its own watermark), compressions, scaling and rotation. Currently, Teletrax monitors the broadcasts of more than 2,100 television channels in over 85 countries and several social media platforms.  
VSNExplorer MAM is VSN's state-of-the-art Media Asset Management system, a web-based, scalable, open and flexible solution that offers all the necessary tools to manage and orchestrate the entire media lifecycle of any broadcast and media company, private corporation or public institution, from cataloging to advanced content search, preview and editing, quick retrieval and archiving. 
"Partnership with leading broadcast management solutions such as VSNExplorer is key to Kinetiq. It ensures that the integration of the watermarking technology into client's workflow is flawless and efficient", said Hélène Chabran, SVP Revenue at Kinetiq.
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