TVLogic Acquires WoWoW's Colour Management Solutions


KOR: TVLogic has acquired WoWoW Entertainment’s colour management solution business. 
TVLogic plans to integrate WoWoW’s IS-mini image processing system and WonderLookPro colour management software into its display technology in 2019 to provide customers with more colour control features and significantly enhanced functionality.
According to the terms of the acquisition, TVLogic has secured all the technology, personnel, assets and intellectual property rights relating to the IS-mini platform, the world's first real-time colour transformation system; and the WonderLookPro (WLP) software that enables professional colour correction and management. Both products will be marketed and sold under the TVLogic brand.
"With this acquisition, TVLogic is now equipped with unparalleled leading-edge technology in the colour reproduction area,” said Denny An, TVLogic Director of Worldwide Sales. “The IS-mini and the WonderLookPro are based on the world's best LUT technology and we expect that these solutions will play a pivotal role in overcoming colour management problems in the industry."
The IS-mini, a real-time colour conversion device originally developed by Fujifilm, utilises unique colour conversion algorithms to provide the highest quality possible and can output real-time converted colour images without delay for live performance recording or shooting. The HD version, IS-miniX, offers a variety of features such as live frame image capture and still image playing functionality. The IS-miniX can connect up to 25 units simultaneously to achieve the desired colour conversion.
Exclusive in the industry, the WLP software is optimised to reproduce images that match the ACES workflow, the colour management standard of the American film industry. The software also provides a database of various broadcast/movie cameras’ Look Up Tables (LUTs) and manages the colour space differences of cameras and displays to create a balance for more reliable and creative grading. A user-friendly interface features numerous powerful functions for peak performance and enables users to achieve consistent colour management.
The IS-mini and the WLP software allow device-independent and consistent colour reproduction of HD, UHD and HDR formats at all video production locations, including production sites, broadcast stations and post-production facilities. The unit is currently installed in many major broadcasting stations that are using it for fast and intuitive colour management.
To celebrate the acquisition, TVLogic has significantly reduced the price of the IS-miniX and is offering a complimentary corporate version of the WLP software to customers who own or purchase an IS-miniX or the new IS-mini4K.
TVLogic plans to release the IS-mini4K with 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 support by the end of 2018 to welcome the beginning of the 4K HDR broadcast era.
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