TV3 Selects Avid Graphics Engine


USA: TV3, the public broadcaster in Catalonia, Spain, recently relied on Avid Maestro | Engine for its European Elections 2019 coverage.
The E19: Special Elections broadcast which covered the results from the 2019 European Parliamentary and municipal elections used augmented reality and virtual sets powered by Avid.
The broadcaster relied on Avid Maestro | Engine graphics, video hardware rendering engine, and tracking solutions to produce up-to-the-minute integrated data and augmented reality graphics for its new physical and virtual sets. Using three control rooms – one of which was dedicated to graphics – TV3 showed how the governing bodies were changing with each election result by bringing viewers inside the EU Parliament chamber and plenary rooms of town halls in Barcelona, Tarragona, Gerona and Lérida, where virtual seats held by political parties were updated in real-time.
“We wanted to use our sets for a different purpose, to explain different data according to the place where our presenters were as well as taking a bold new approach to our presentation,” said Paulí Subirá, Art & Directors Managing Director. “We often say that ‘without risk there is no daring television’.”
Another area of innovation for TV3 was its “second screen” strategy. In order to reach viewers on mobile devices and tablets, TV3 used geolocation technology to push relevant content to viewers. Mobile viewers were also treated to a live stream on Instagram showing the broadcast’s behind-the-scene production team and augmented reality sets in action.
“TV3’s use of data-driven augmented reality graphics and virtual sets enhanced their ability to deliver election coverage in more compelling ways that drove higher engagement with their audience, boosted ratings, and improved the brand for TV3,” said Raymond Thompson, Director of Broadcast and Media Solutions at Avid. “We are proud to be part of TV3’s success, which illustrates how Avid’s Maestro | Engine delivers both the flexibility they need and data-driven photorealistic AR and virtual sets in real time.”
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